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pelleted aspen bedding in Minnesota



pelleted aspen bedding in Minnesota

I use a pelleted aspen bedding called Litterlove (sold as cat litter) which is made by the Barnaby Company in St. Paul, MN. The following link has contact info:

(broken link removed)

I use two layers, Litterlove on the bottom and a layer of pine shavings on top of that (because the pellets seem a little hard for the pigs to walk on directly). I like the aspen pellets a lot - good odor control, they turn to sawdust and basically clump together when wet, so easy to spot clean.

I'm not sure how widely Litterlove is distributed - may also be available in Wisconsin. A 40 lb bag costs $13.50, which is cheaper for me than if I ordered any similar kind of wood pellet over the internet.
Re: pelleted aspen bedding in Minnesota

Thanks very much for the info. Will try to find it and check it out!!
Pine Litter

I am in Minnesota too and I get 40lbs. of the pelleted pine litter at my local feed mill for only $7.00
It works just like the aspen LitterLove ( i have tried it) and it's much cheaper! If you are near Forest Lake, MN it is available Houle's Feed Mill.

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