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Behavior Pea Flakes


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Aug 6, 2021
I saw many videos online about how they gave pea flakes to the pigs as a treat, so I bought two little packages. Neither of my girls will touch them, they just turn up their noses.
Not even one of my pigs would ever eat a pea flake. They actually ran from them and hid in their tunnel. I guess they didn't like the smell of them. I even tried two different brands and had the same reaction from my girls.

Like you, I watched the videos and many of those pigs got so excited when the owner gave them the pea flakes. I guess it's hit or miss with each individual pig.

The one treat that all of my pigs like is "Snackers" they are sold by The Natural Cavy. You don't get many in the pack and they are a little expensive but they are a favorite of my girls.
I am in the same boat as my two girls won't eat pea flakes and I've also tried two different brands. The first brand wasn't very good, being in little bitty pieces and didn't seem very fresh. But the second brand, you can clearly see it was a flattened pea and nice green color. With both brands, after not being successful with hand feeding, I ended up sprinkling the pea flakes into the pellets. My hope was they would accidentally eat it and discover how wonderful pea flakes are. However, every time I do that, the next morning I find the piggies ate all the pellets but left the pea flakes behind.

I met another guinea pig parent through NextDoor and I gave some for his piggies to try. They like it, so I will give the rest of the bag to those piggies. End of my pea flake experiment.
The pellets that our pigs came with from the foster parent have pea flakes and our pigs pick them out of the food. I am considering getting some as a treat but apparently you can only feed one or 2 a day.
@inks88, I understand pea flakes are fattening therefore limiting to 1-2 daily. I put a few extras into the pellet dish only because my pigs weren't eating them. Had they started to eat them, I would have stuck to only 1 per day.

The brand I tried which was terrible was Exotic Nutrition and the quality one was GuineaDad. I saw another fresh looking pea flake brand on Etsy that is less expensive than GuineaDad. Unfortunately I can't remember the brand name.
Yeah, we got them pea flakes once for 10 USD and to quote my brother "They look like lime tortilla chips :C" Lol, oh well, more veggies it is :) They enjoy the ones in food bags, like SSLee.

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