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Feb 13, 2012
Bella gave birth to one baby on Monday 4/30. I was suprised that she only had one, but thankful. However I am not sure if I am jut being paranoid. Bella the mom seems fine, she is eating normally , moving around her cage, nursing her baby. My concern is could she possibly of had another baby in her belly and could not deliver? Her belly still seems to be a little swollen. Not a lot but my husband thinks it is because she is nursing.The what if's just keep running through my head.
I don't think you have anything to worry about. Had she been in labor, but only delivered half her brood I'm sure there would be a very obvious physical issue.

It isn't too uncommon for a guinea pig to only have one pup. Usually they are much larger then a pup from a litter and have a harder time passing through the birth canal. If your Bella has been going on as usualy for 5 days now, then it just seems she's quite lucky to have not had any complications.
It's probably just a little extra baby weight. My Harmony is just now starting to loose hers, and her daughter is 9 months old.
Thank you for the reassurance! Her baby was 3.5 oz at birth. Not sure what normal birth weight is:)
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