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Paprika - 3 babies.


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Jan 2, 2012
Miss Paprika had a safe delivery sometime after midnight this morning. She kept getting stuck in the pigloo, dragging it around the cage. She looked like a turtle. She had several other things she could have nested in, but, she has to be difficult. She had 3 gorgeous pups - one black and white (female?) and two red and black ticked (I think one male one female. They are just too small to be sure).

Mom seems to be doing great both physically and with the pups. She's very attentive and amazingly calm (considering she's the Spaz of our herd).

I will post pictures probably sometime tomorrow when I have a bit more help.

So, two down, three to go on the waiting game.
Glad things went well! We're looking forward to the pictures.
Wee hee! I can't wait to see the pics!!!!
I'll try to get some tonight when Mom is distracted by veggies - these little ones are ADHD compared to Velvet's trio, definitely will need an extra set of hands.
Awww, glad everything went well, can't wait to see the little bundles of joy!
nice everything is fine. looking forward to the pics =)
Congrats cant wait for pictures
Yay!!! Happy everything went smoothly.
we need pictures!! Glad everything went well!!
The three were not so calmly sitting in a small salad container.
Awe!!<3 they are adorable.:D
Another :) They're so dark you really can't see them in the cage with my camera phone.
<br><br>The three were not so calmly sitting in a small salad container. 
So precious!!!! Beautiful babies! Congrats!
Adorable!! Glad all went well.
Me too, and thank you all!

We're still waiting on Phoebe to deliver - she's as big as a barn and waddles. Babies are moving around like crazy.

Nibbler may be pregnant, it would have been my fault because I miss sexed her and had her in with her Dad. :/ I'm really upset about that one.

The female Himi is definitely expecting, it's so much easier to tell on a smooth coated female. I was not expecting her to be pregnant when I got her - she was thin then... and hasn't been with males since she's been here... so it's definitely from her previous owner.

I'm hoping after these three give birth that we won't be dealing with pregnancies again...
They are so tiny and precious! Just adorable :love:
Oh my goodness they are adorable! You must have so many guinea pigs! How big is your herd?
I do... with the last three born on March 2nd, we now have 18 total. I'm wanting them in a larger space, so I'm discussing with Ben (my hubby) the pros and cons of moving them to the garage. If our living room was bigger, I'd stick them in there too. Luckily we all seem to be attached to the little furballs, which makes care a bit easier.

I really had wanted all the girls together in one HUGE cage, but, we have two questionable females that only get along with certain other females, so that's a no go.

I can easily see almost 30 possible before the end of April - depending on how many the remaining 3 that are pregnant have. I love them all, but, I know I am going to have to start looking for homes for some, just to get down to a more manageable level of cavies.
Oh wow! What are there age ranges?
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