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Stands Pallets


Active Member
Cavy Gazer
May 6, 2024
I was just wondering another thing I came across were someone was giving away wooden pallets for free so does anyone have any ideas if those would help me raise the cages at all. Things are moving ahead so was wondering if is a possibility they might work yo help me with raising the cages
You could just use more C&C grids to do this if you have a C&C cage. A table to the size of the cage would also work well.
When I had to add another cage, I bought two of the cubby storage units at Target. I got the ones that are 13” cubbies, 2 high and 3 wide., and I set them up one in front of the other. They work great as a base for a 2x3 grid cage. Very sturdy, about waist high, and finally I have some storage to tuck away all the fleece, hay and supplies.