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Frustrated Pain Fumes! Help!!


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Mar 16, 2012
My dad was spray painting on the front door, well the guinea pigs are in a different room, but my house is an open area. And the paint has a really strong smell. Its hurting my head, and I'm afraid for the pigs. I took them out side for some fresh air but not that long because its hot outside. What can I do? :eek:hmy:

(The title is suppost to be Paint Fumes, I don't know how to change the title, help?)
Set up a pen for them outside in the shade, if there is any. If it's still hot, put some frozen water bottles in their pen so they can keep cool while the house airs out. And of course, don't leave them alone outside.
Okay thank you. The house still has a smell, but not bad anymore.. I mean it was really bad, the whole house was all foggy!
yeah I second that, bring them outside, in the shade, with something frozen that they can lie against too cool off if they need too :)
Depending on how hot it is outside, you may also need a fan for them. Don't blow them totally away, of course, but moving air will definitely help if it's hot.
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