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Pellets Oxbow: Yay or Nay?


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Feb 25, 2012
Hello there!

I will (hopefully) be adopting some cavies from my local rescue. They are a bonded pair of boars.

I do not know the current food that they are eating, but I have some questions.

Oxbow: Yay, or Nay? I have heard lots of good and bad about Oxbow. The boars are 6 and 8 months old, so I'm not sure whether they would be ready for the adult formula or not.

Any other good brands? I would much rather buy from a local pet supply store then order online, simply because I live within 5 miles of a PetSmart, Petco, and a local pet supply store.

Although I won't be skimping on nutrition, least expensive would be nice so long as it contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and ingredients.

I am a newbie, so please be patient with my overall ignorance. I'm not stupid, just a bit confused about pellets. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day.

Oxbow makes good pellets. There are just some pigs who excrete calcium in their urine when fed them, but not all pigs do. Those who do secrete calcium on Oxbow tend to do better on KM.

As far as buying them locally vs. ordering them, the cheapest on depends on where you are. You have to remember that a pet store is also charging you for shipping, they just add everything together and quote you one price, whereas a site like KM quotes a price for the pellets and a price for the shipping.

I live 2,000 miles from KM, and for me, the price of Oxbow and KM pellets per pound is almost identical. Sometimes KM will be a few pennies more because of the shipping price, sometimes a few pennies less. But the difference has never been more than a dime a pound in either direction.

IMO, KM makes the best pellets around. Oxbow runs a close second. There are some others that are ok, and things like Kaytee are close to the bottom of the pack.
OK, so I'm assuming that the website is this address: (broken link removed)

When you calculate shipping for a 50 lb bag of timothy pellets, my shipping came up as $43. So, that would be including the cost of pellets, correct? Here is a screen shot:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Oxbow: Yay or Nay?

That's the right website.

I can't really see that screenshot, but it looks to me like that's just the shipping. And that sounds about right to me, because I buy 25 pounds and pay about $25 in shipping. You can go all the way through the ordering process and see the total for the products and the shipping without having to actually place the order.

How many pigs do you have? Fifty pounds of pellets is a LOT of pellets. I split a 25 bag with a neighbor, and we still only order a couple of times a year. We each have two pigs.

How many pigs do you have? Fifty pounds of pellets is a LOT of pellets. I split a 25 bag with a neighbor, and we still only order a couple of times a year. We each have two pigs.

I plan on adopting two boars, and I don't currently have any other pigs. I just used fifty as an example. So that would be about a dollar per pound in shipping. Hmm.. that is quite a lot, but the Oxbow at my local store is lbsx3=Price.

About how long does your half of 25 last your two pigs, bpatters? That would always be good to know.

EDIT: Oh, I just read that it lasts you about 6 months. Not too bad at all! That's only around $100 a year for you.
Wait, I'm an idiot. $50 per year. Silly me.
Actually, it's closer to $50, since my neighbor and I split the costs.
Well, I will be getting pigs on Saturday. Since I will have to get almost all of my supplies in the span of 3 days, I will be starting off my pair on Oxbow and observe them to see if they are reacting strangely. If it keeps them healthy and they seem to like it, then I'll probably keep them on Oxbow for convenience.
i love oxbow 7 out of 8 of my kids are on it. i will switch # 8 to it as soon as he recovers from surgery. i buy oxbow in a 50lb bag at another petstore, because it is cheaper for me and i work at petsmart in canada and they dont sell the big bags.
My boys were on Oxbow. I recently switched them to KM because I read how great it was.
My boys do not care for it. I am now mixing hoping they will take a liking since before I just went cold turkey. They have been picking out the oxbow and leaving the rest.
One of the 3 seems to be ok with it. But I bought a 25 lb bag so I am gonna keep trying them on the KM to see if they don't eventually start eating it better.
I foresee a switch back to Oxbow.
I feed Oxbow as well! My pigs seem to like it and they do well on it.
I love Oxbow my boars just munch away always wanting more. I get 50lbs worth from my local family owned pet shop.
Have not tried KM's although I am sure her is very good.
I do. do a mixture though I'll feed my boars Oxbow pellets but give them KM's 3rd, 2nd or Bluegrass hay.
Bought my first bag of Oxbow! Can't wait to be a piggy mommy myself, I have a huge haul of piggy supplies from 4 different stores. So excited!
i got 30 pounds of oxbow (3 10 pound bags) and my pigs love it! i think the pricing was around 50$ but i had money from x-mas and 30 pounds last a long time
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