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Hay Oxbow Hay causing small poops?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Feb 8, 2022
Hi! Hopefully this is ok on the nutrition thread. I wasn't sure whether to post here or medical. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced what I'm currently experiencing.

My boy has been having short poops for the past few days. Everything tells me its dehydration BUT I keep reading that the smaller poops are typically dry. My piggies stool is definitely not dry - it looks exactly like what we consider normal - dark brown and wet looking. His is all this except it is half the length. I've been giving him more cucumber and wetting his veggies for extra water content. I see a few normal/long poops mixed in so they're not all small but I would say the majority are. Attitude is normal. Eating normally, pooping normally (as in volume), and acting as he always does.

The reason I bring up the hay is because that is the only factor that has changed. We typically give him a timothy/orchard mix by Oxbow but Petsmart was out so we got orchard. My partner and I noticed that this batch was super soft. I know orchard is supposed to be soft, but this felt softer than the other bags we've gotten. He's also eating all his hay so it's not like he's refusing it. Also any tips for giving him additional hydration would be very much appreciated! Thanks. :)


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Cavy Slave
Sep 8, 2018
It’s okay to feed orchard grass hay in addition to, or as a replacement for, timothy hay. In fact, I don’t feed timothy because it’s been so coarse lately.

To make sure he’s eating enough, you should weight him weekly and keep track of the weights. A kitchen or postal scale is all you need. Guinea pigs are good at hiding illness, so sometimes a change in weight is the only way to tell something is going on.

It sounds like his appetite is good, so I would guess the fiber content in the hay would have something to do with smaller poops.

As for hydration, sometimes 2 water bottles at different heights will interest them in drinking more. Otherwise, wet veggies can help.


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Cavy Slave
Mar 28, 2021
I know that a lot of people with timothy hay allergies feed their guinea pigs orchard grass hay but that doesn't mean that it can't be causing the short poops. Ae all of the poops short or just some? If he's still acting normal and eating and drinking then I would just keep a close eye on him. I agree with [MENTION=42766]ItsaZoo[/MENTION] You should just monitor his water intake and his weight.