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OverProtective much?


Cavy Slave
Oct 1, 2004
They turned the heat on in my apartment and I was stressing over making sure the hay was away from the floor heater thingies. I actually thought of an escape route. Like what if there's a fire and I'm not home... I almost had a heart attack. Has anyone else gotten overprotective thoughts like this?
yeah...I'm always paranoid about everything. But in your case, I think it's a good thing! lol It's always good to be prepared in case of a fire. But I would be more concerned about the heat being too much for the pigs. If they are that close that you're worried about the hay, be sure it's not making them too hot,. ok?? And don't worry about being to overprotective, it just shows that you're a great piggy mom!
Yes, the pigs may get a little hot. I get paranoid at the slightest things as well.
yes, especially because i live in hawaii, where it tends to always be hot and humid.

but the piggies get a frozen water bottle, 24/7 fan, and plenty of bricks to lie down on.
Thats what I do. In the summer its too hot even in the house. My pigs like chewing on ice cubes and this one time myfriend's mom made pocicles out of blendedfruit and my pigs just gobbled mine up(i didnt like it so I gave it to them). Im going to make my own next summer. They get some fruit and a cold treat on a hot day!
My fear is what if the heat goes off in the middle of the night and we are happy and cozy under our covers and don't realize it!!!! Yikes!
for all of you who are scared about your piggies getting cold in the winter, i made them cozies and i thought that wasnt enough, so i did more.

make a little pouch out of quilting fabric (dont use fleece!) and fill it up with jasmine rice. On cold nights, warm it up in the microwave for up to 2 minutes, and then toss it in the cage. mine is big enough for two of them to lay on, and i have two small ones that i put in their cozies.

it will stay warm throughout the night, and i think it will work great!
Jasmine rice? I've never heard of it. Where do you get it?
any regular old food store. i found mine at a safeway. it doesnt need to be cooked or anything.

i made a couple for myself too, and last winter when we had a snowstorm, i kept thin pieces under my sheets, and i was soooooooo cozy!
lol, I made one of those for myself once. I will have to make one (more like 7-9) for the piggs. Great Idea loves2travel! Everyone should make one for their piggs!
well, since everyone seems to like it o much, im going to post the directions in the accesories forum.
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