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Behavior ovarian cyst?


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Nov 10, 2011
How old is she? Have you ever had her checked by your vet? I like to take mine in every year for a well check. If you're concerned, that's what I would do. A vet will be able to feel around to detect any ovarian cysts and also do a general exam that includes her teeth.
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Yeah, most pigs do that, especially abyssinian guinea pig's because their cowlicks are somewhat sensitive, not in a painful way, more like an uncomfortable annoying way, so when you move the hairs against their natural growth path they do that to try and escape your fingers :)
I do that to my pigs all the time, it's funny chasing them around lol

If it were a cyst, your pig would most likely be pear shaped, be very PMS-y and hormonal, so if you have another pig in the cage with her, she will mount that pig multiple times per day, rumblestrut, and growl often. And hair loss and lengthened crusty nipples is a sign of a pig having an Ovarian Cyst. This pig seems a-okay to me :)
okay thanks guys! and i do take her in yearly :) i actually had to take her in a few months ago do it sneezing.
What a cute pig!

I had a girl with ovarian cysts and this pig really doesn't seem to be exhibiting the symptoms. She got overly hormonal and snippy when she was in heat and had symmetrical hair loss on both sides. Cysts aren't harmful or even painful unless they rupture, but even so a vet visit for a checkup is never a bad idea.
@Paula oh they aren't painful? Good! I really think my pig has an Ovarian Cyst.. she's shown about all the symptoms except for hair loss. And I am torn now because towards me, she doesnt act any differently, doesnt snip at me and isn't moody at all.. But she mounted her cage mate several times a day, rumblestruts around growling.. But like I said, I am torn because her cage mate ended up passing away (different illness) and it's been a week now and my possible OC pig hasn't shown a single sign since! Of course I am getting her checked out asap still regardless, but its good to know she isn't in pain because I was very worried she was.
It will become painful if they rupture, and the longer it goes on, the more likely they are to rupture. A spay will remedy the problem, and if you have an experienced vet, the risks are minimal. Do get her checked out as soon as possible.
I'm definitely going to try to, finding an experienced vet is my issue because I live in New Hampshire so they're hard to come around, not many pig owners and all the exotic vets specialize in birds here. The vet I was going to was the best in the state and he didn't give a sh*t about Wednesday when she was bleeding and in LOTS of pain for possible stones, didn't prescribe pain meds and just kept saying he could do an xray but didn't and unfortunately she passed.. so I'm searching around northern Massachusetts in hopes of finding someone who has experience doing the surgery.
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