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UK Outdoor bunnies in this awful weather


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Jan 1, 2012
I've already posted this in the Rabbits part of the forum, so apologies if this is breaking the forum rules...can a moderator tell me for sure please?...but I want to try to get the word to any UK members who may have outdoor rabbits...or guinea pigs of course

Awful spring weather

Yuk - this weather is awful and it's like winter again. It's a good time to remind everyone that 'a hutch is not enough' and this type of weather is just one of the reasons why we recommend that a hutch should be within a safe enclosure, or attached to a safe exercise run, so that the rabbits can choose when they shelter, and when they exercise.

It is unfair to keep rabbits locked in their hutches in bad weather, because they are not able to behave as rabbits, to run, jump and dig, for example. It is equally as unfair to keep them in a run with no access to their hutch. Please make sure that outdoor bunnies have the opportunity to exercise every day. Tarpaulins can be used to make shelter from the rain, snow and hot sun and allow some year-round protection.

Please check out our tips for a basic outdoor set up here:
(broken link removed)[1].pdf

Please share this, and help us spread the word - a hutch is not enough.
Just to let you know link doesn't work.
This looks like a PDF file??
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