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Our Guinea Pig Girls


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Jan 10, 2012
I am going to try and insert a photo of our piggy sisters into this post. If it comes out well, Pepper is on the left and Piper is on the right. They were born at a rescue on November 27, 2011. They have been with us since they were a month old. Our Guinea Pig Girls Pepper appears to be a ridgeback and Piper is Abyssinian, although lately Pepper has started to show a whorl or two on her coat as well. They are cuties---still pretty nervous, but are gradually getting used to us.
That's excellent! Great for you. They are beautiful!

Good job in going to a rescue. Thanks for that, as not many people do.

Kudos to you! Love your piggies!
I agree with Zuidy as for adopting them instead of getting them from a pet store..As for the piggies they are SO cute..
Oh, they are both so lovely! Your Piper looks quite similar to my Penny :)
I always seek a rescue before considering anything else for our animal family. We were very lucky to find Piper and Pepper only about ten minutes away.

The photo I posted shows them in their kitchen loft. They have a 2 x 4 C&C cage with a 1 x 2 loft.
They are adorable, good luck, with your piggies.:)
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