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Size Our first C&C cage.. some questions!


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Mar 21, 2012
Hey all! This is my first post here :)

I have a new little piggy, was told he is around 6 weeks old. His name is Harold and he is such a sweetie pie! He is our one and only, but he's very social and we want to get him a little friend once our new cage is built and ready.

I'm planning on building a cage nearly identical to the one in this YouTube video:
Guinea Pig C&C Cage - YouTubef the link doesn't work, it's a 3x2 cube bottom, and a second level of 5 cubes (the one missing allows placement of a ramp).

My issue is that the surface I'm needing to put it on will only hold a 2x3 grid base, no larger.

Since we're planning on getting another little one once the cage is built and Harold is accustomed, we want to make sure this is large enough. Would you put two piggies in it? Would you try to build it up a third level? Thoughts?

Right now Harold is in a store-bought guinea pig starter cage- came with a water bottle, toy, feeding dish, the works.. it has a loft and ramp in it, which is nice. His igloo doesn't fit well in it, so I'm really anxious to build the C&C because man does he love that igloo! :D

Also- in that video, nearest the ramp the person just used coroplast for the wall since they couldn't put a grid there. Would it be a better idea to just cut out part of the grid and make an opening for the piggy to get down the ramp? I don't want him to fall :( (I'd of course file down the edges after cutting- we don't want a hurt little one!
Hi and Welcome to the forum!!

I'm so glad you asked before you started building. The minimum size recommended for 2 guinea pigs is 2x4 (grids), so if you are getting Harold a buddy you'll need to find a way to expand the bottom level. Unfortunately, upper levels don't count towards square footage, because piggies LOVE to run laps, so they need a continuous space to get their exercise.

The great thing about C&C cages is that they are so versatile. You could make it into an L-shape to fit into a corner, if that would help solve your problem.

If you are putting the cage on a table/dresser/stand of some sort, you can cut a piece of plywood the same dimensions as a 2x4, then put that on top of your surface to make it larger. This will help accomodate a bigger cage.

As far as the ramp goes, I think it's a good idea to cut an opening in a grid. It will lock into place with the connectors or zipties and helps keep pigs from falling. That's exactly what I did for my cage, but like you said, make sure you grind down the sharp edges after you cut the wire.
Agree with the plywood idea, Our fold up table wasn't quite wide enough to support a 2x4 grid so I bought a peice of plywood and had the guys at home depot cut it down to 62""x32", I used 6 bolts w/ washers laid the plywood onto the table drilled each pilot hole and slapped 4 bolts in each corner plus 2 twords the middle with washers of course. total cost was 17$ with the bolts.

Effectively increased the size of my table to accomodate the 2x4 grid
You can also build a base out of extra grids, which is my personal favorite. There's some nice photos in the picture section of bases. Plus you can buy bins to slide underneath to store food/bedding, etc. Makes the whole thing look really nice and neat.
You can also build a base out of extra grids, which is my personal favorite. There's some nice photos in the picture section of bases. Plus you can buy bins to slide underneath to store food/bedding, etc. Makes the whole thing look really nice and neat.

You could even just use what she is saying under the part of the cage that won't fit.Then you would still be able to use whatever you had in mind originally. I would make it a 2x5 on bottom so it would give you lots of extra storage and more room for two pigs.

@DizzyMariposa.Please post pictures of what your putting on.
Agree with the plywood idea

That's what I did, too. I didn't bolt mine down, tho', because my cage is 3ft x 6ft, and it'ss not going anywhere. Then, because I can't reach the opposite side for poop patrol, I just slide the base away from the wall a little, and walk over to the other side.

Boars always need more space than girls, and when the reach puberty (anywhere form 6mo to 1 or 2 yrs old), then can be very bratty with each other. Sometimes they need to be separated until they mature a little. So you may want to plan for the very largest cage you can get, in case you need to divide it in half to separate the boys. Read here for some laughs:https://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46468&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0. The other thing to consider is just getting the second boar, and putting them both in the new cage at the same time, after successful introductions. That way, the cage is neutral territory (not smelling like either of them), otherwise, you would need to wash everything before putting the second boar in there. Read here about ontroductions:Guinea Pigs Social Life.

Hope this helped, and have fun!
Thanks for the tips, everyone! I've decided to build a third level as well, just a small area though. Since my guy gets lots of exercise time in our house (he's out for at least 1-2 hours per day, left to roam and run supervised in my kitchen), would I have to worry about cage size as much?

I'll post pictures of the cage when finished. I have the bottom level done, but I ran out of coroplast for my second and third levels so I haven't added his ramp in yet. He's currently popcorning in delight :love:

I really love that the 2x3 grid setup fits perfectly on the table we have. It is great- it's too high for the cat to jump on top of (Harold really freaks out when the cat jumps on top of the cage!) so that's awesome. The cat really means no harm, but you can't be too careful..!
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