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Dec 14, 2011
I think Roza is pregrant..She is about 7-8 months old and she was before i take her in about a month and a half ago,she lives with my older girl Milou that i am sure is a girl.I am 80% sure she is because her belly is round and big anh t thunk today i felt something moving inside.
The very big problem is that she is on medications from the beggining for fungus and an other skin problem she had.Tommorow i am taking her to the vet.
Will the babies be fine because of the drugs and will Roza be ok because of her age?I am so worried..
Can you call your vet in the meantime and ask if you should discontinue the medication until he/she determines if there's a pregnancy tomorrow?
I didn t give her today..Tommorow i will take her.
good luck
I hope all goes well
Any advise?
At 7-8 months, her age is fine.

Some medications for fungus will not affect the sow or the babies. What medication is she on?
The medicine is itradrops and the active ingridience is itraconazole.And topical creme with ketokonazole.
let us know when you have taken her to the vet.
In 5 hours.Ohh I am very anxious about her and the babies..
I hope all goes well, if she is pregnant. Oooh cute little babies!

She should not take the itraconazole while she is pregnant.

Taken orally, ketoconazole has the potential to cause birth defects. I'm not sure what it would do applied as a cream, but if she's close to giving birth, the potential for birth defects is not very high.
Well she did take itraconazole since two days ago orally..and cream is daktarin..
This is from the company that makes itroconazole: (broken link removed).

And this is what they say about itroconazole and pregnancy: Itraconazole is dangerous if given in pregnancy. If a pet is pregnant, itraconazole should be avoided unless the fungal infection in question is potentially life-threatening..
So the babies are not ok.. :( what should the vet do?
at 7 to 8 mounths id watch her closly. shes not exactly out of the watter. i had a pig that was only 5 mounths and her hips had already fuzzed, due to inresponible breeding and not taking care that pig lost her life. Just watch her closly. and as far as the medicin i dont know.

good luck!
You don't know that the babies are not ok -- just that she shouldn't be taking the medicine.

Don't borrow trouble -- worrying doesn't help.

Call the vet and ask what to do. Tell him about how long she's been pregnant and see what he has to say.
I am going to see him in an hour..I will post after i come back home.I think maybe he will do caesarean section.We will see.
Any updates on the situation?
I just arrived of the vet.He listened to the babies hearts,he told me their at least 4! :) He said that i have to wait and see,she will deliver in about 2 weeks.He asked if she is been eating and i said tooo much!He said this is a good thing tha she is eating well.About the meds he told me that the bigger problem is if she will wiscarrying.Also we do not know for sure how old is she i have to be very carefull the time she is delivering,I just praying i am at home..The babies are alive and very vivid now!They are dancing inside her belly.So now..patience...Pfff..
I hope she'll be Ok, I think she will!
Keep a careful eye on her. And your feeding her her regular food, right? Not suddenly changing her feeding times or way or anything? I'm not an expert, but that might be kind of a sudden change for her, and she might be a little shoked, even though it seems like a little thing, food is a big thing in a guinea pig's life, as you probably know! :) Ohh, little baby piggies! I remember when I first woke up and saw three little pigglers sitting in a row in there cage!!! Believe me, it's gonna be love at first sight, I promise! As far as medicine, I unfortunitly have no clue in such things, :guilty:. I would put her in a complete baby proof cage, just to make sure! Good luck with the babies! :cheerful: :love:
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