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Australia Online Australian websites to buy toys and treats?


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Cavy Slave
Nov 5, 2011
What Australian websites are there that sell toys and treats for piggies? :)
Please dont buy any treats.

A lot of treats advertised for guinea pigs are really bad for them. The best treat you can give them is their favorite veggies and a bit of fruit every now and then.

I cant help you when it comes to toys though, as I live in the US. Good luck though :3
I'm mainly talking about things such as wooden chew branches and things that are also thought of to be treats. :)
Aaaah, well okey dokey then xD

Sorry, I had to make sure :p
That's okay. :p
(broken link removed) - I buy the Meadow Hay from these guys. Really well priced and lovely hay.
(broken link removed) - I've tried the Apple Sticks and Willow Ball, neither of my girls were overly enthusiastic about them (ended up giving them to the neighbours bunny)

Hope that helps mate :)
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