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Eyes/Non-crusty one watery eye: should I worry?


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Jan 4, 2012
Rosie has one watery eye...is this something I should take her to the vet for?

It's just the one eye. Watery to the point that when she was on my lap tonight and her eyes started to narrow, her eye was covered. The discharge is clear.

Both eyes are a little crusty, but that's typical for her.

She has no other symptoms of any kind--no sneezing or coughing, no runny nose, and her breathing sounds fine. She's eating, drinking, pooping, and playing as normal.

Thoughts? Do I need to get her to a vet?


(Below pic has nothing to do with the watery eye...just thought you might enjoy a gratuitous pigture of Major Cauliflower Love:)

one watery eye: should I worry?
The piggy in the picture looks like its about to kill anything that will attempt to take it's food away. Though I will say that perhaps its just the photo but that seems to be a lot of sclera showing and it almost looks a little inflamed...

As for the eye thing, it's likely she scratched it (romping around in hay posses that risk) and is watering as a consequence. If the eye doesn't stop watering you might want to take her to the vet, but if its just a scratch it'll likely clear up on its own. There may also be something IN her eye, causing it to water in attempts to dislodge the foreign substance. If possible take a close look at her eye to see if there is anything in there that shouldn't. One of my boys had a small piece of shaving lodged in the front corner of his eye that at first glance looks a lot like the normal white of the eye.

Not sure if ours was the completely correct course of action but we flushed it out by dripping a bit of lukewarm water on it (the shaving) with a wet q-tip to restore moisture to the eye and the shaving so that it could be gently dislodged from the corner and flushed out with some more water. It was late at night so a vet visit wasn't possible (and I really didn't want to leave it in there overnight to become infected) and come morning his eye seemed perfectly fine and there have been no further issues. However, this is quite a delicate procedure and probably only possible with a very docile/tolerant piggy and a couple extra hands. Luckily this guy is a little dense (I swear he's a bit "special") and he generally will put up with most things (other than hair brushing haha, and he's long hair of course).

If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself for any reason or a vet trip is not a problem that would likely be a better course of action.
Thanks. I hadn't thought of a scratch as a possibility. I will likely watch her tomorrow and she how she is.

No inflamed eyes, I promise. She's a bit bug-eyed by nature, and the angle of this photo and her extreme excitement over the cauliflower exaggerated our view of the sclera. She's a happy, healthy girl most of the time, truly.
She could have a blocked tear duct, or could have had a hay poke in the eye.

You can flush her eye with artificial tears (warm them a little first) and see if that helps. But do watch her closely -- eye problems can be serious, but are usually easily treated with antibiotic drops. You don't want her to lose her eye because she didn't see a vet soon enough for something serious.
Thank you both--Rosie is looking much better today; the wateriness seems to've gone away. Probably a scratch or something that resolved itself, then. Thanks for the reassurance!
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