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one male baby brown and white scruffy fur in northeast ohio


Cavy Slave
Apr 30, 2011
Apr 30, 2011
IMG 20140504 120003 185
IMG 20140504 120046 856

today he is 5 weeks old, and I am looking for his furever home. I bought his mom in February from a pet store and it turns out that both her and her cage mate we're pregnant from males at the store.
his siblings are all girls, who quickly found homes because they could be paired off together.. but he was the only boy.
he's very sweet and super fluffy and soft.
his favorite food is kale, green pepper, dandelion, and other greens... along with carrots!
he seems very healthy very happy and popcorns a lot!
when he sees or hears the girls, he would constantly rumble strut around his cage, which earned him the nickname of "Mr rumbles" from me lol

you can contact me here, or via email at juliefoojojo87@gmail
there is no adoption fee but you must come and pick him up
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