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OMG..Is she pregnant?



OMG..Is she pregnant?

Oh My Gosh……I think one of our piggys is pregnant!!!! I’m in a HUGE state of shock!

Here’s the story:
I have 3 children. My oldest had a piggy when she was in 2nd grade. I didn’t know much about guinea pigs or their care at that time. Just thought you fed them, housed them and loved them. Boy was I wrong!!!

My 12 and 10 year have been begging for a guinea pig for a couple years. NO, was the answer “too much work,” I said. I finally relented. Their birthdays are close together so we decided to surprise them. I spent many, many nights on the internet determined to take better care of our piggys!

I decided on a coroplast/wire cage. Boy what a hassle that was BUT…it’s the best deal around. We decided on 2 since I found they get lonely. We stocked up on all kinds of piggy care stuff.

Against everyone’s better judgement, I had to use the local pet store to find our piggys. I talked to the manager, really liked her…she was a piggy lover herself and owned them as a youngster all the time. But they didn’t have any in at the time. No piggys 2 weeks before birthday time. She ordered some. 1 week before birthday they came in only to find they were males. I waited another 4 days and finally got the call----yippeee, our piggys were here! I called her AGAIN to make sure they were females. She said she checked and yes they were, she would put them in the back cage for pickup that evening.

November 22, 2003, we took the kids in the guise that we were getting “dog treats.” The clerk kid took a long time to come out from the back (is this where it went wrong?) and finally came out with the box. He got the paperwork and it said 2 females. We got home, got online and double checked sex ourselves. The kids said they could tell, but I sure didn’t see any difference being confident I got 2 females. Remember, I’m (ha!ha!) a wiser piggy owner now that I’ve looked this all up…..Ahem!

Ok, now we’re happy! Kids are taking REALLY good care of the piggys. Piggys are happy, they run around a lot, they eat healthy and get lots of floor and attention time. Holly was always a short haired fatty compared to Bella. Holly was the rambunctious, can’t hold still, chew on everything piggy. Bella is more the calm, not jumpy, like you to hold her type. Then about 2 weeks ago I told my daughter that Bella seemed to be getting waaaay too fat. She was no longer the smaller piggy. We decided to cut back on the treats like carrots, apples, etc., Bella has also seemed to be calmer and just plain lazy. We attributed that to her “fatness” (as we called it) and just chuckled about it.

NOW, the last 2 weeks we noticed she drinks a lot, doesn’t eat as much (unless it’s timothy, lettuce or carrots) and does nothing but hang around her hay rack. She’s cranky to Holly (but then again always has been), we’ve actually seen her get aggressive and boot her away from the hay rack or the other day actually trying to get Holly out of the bed and when she wouldn’t go…she just crawled underneath her booting her out physically!!!!

Guys, I’m serious….3 days ago I noticed her just laying there and she’s grown twice as big. She was laying by herself and she’s like a pear that is bursting at the bottom. My daughter can hold her for hours and she won’t move. Floor time, she does move around but not much…only to hide.

The more I read here, the more I believe she IS pregnant. I can’t feel any babies moving but I feel something like 2 lumps on either side of her lower region and if those are babies…they are HUGE! The lumps are hard. My daughter is heartbroken that she can't hold her (in case she is pregnant) because she holds her while doing homework, watching TV or being on the computer.

NOW, I’m reading that Holly may be a boy…hmmmm, we checked again and it doesn’t look like a lump for a penis. But here on this site it mentioned a “wax spot” which, Holly has in the back. It’s like a spot that gets kind of dirty on her lower back rump area. It’s almost like the spot has no hair and it’s very bumpy, like a protrusion but yet extends up her back. We looked again last night (she hated it) and we think it’s still a girl. What do you all think?

Oh, please, please someone help me. I think she may have been pregnant when she was brought to the pet store—perhaps when they were stored in the back. Who knows, water under the bridge now…BUT I’m so scared for Bella and my kids. I’ve been reading some horror stories about pregnant piggys! If Bella dies from this birth, my daughter will just feel like dying herself. I know it’s all part of nature but She’s SOOoo attached to her piggy. If the babies die, she’ll be heartbroken.

PLUS, I can not, CAN NOT have 2, 3 or 4 more piggys(I've warned the kids). What do I do with these babies? I feel angry at the pet store and might ask them to buy them from me. My neighbors want a guinea pig but they take horrible care of the animals they have. I don’t have any vets in my area that care for guinea pigs (I’ve asked) and if things go wrong, don’t know what I’ll do.

I read that I should take away the pellets but what should I do with Holly. When I separate them they squeal so, I can’t do that. I’m reading all I can but still not even sure she’s pregnant or just getting plain fat. The more I read, the more depressed I am about this whole thing. I'm certainly feeling like a true idiot. If she IS pregnant that we're in for a whole NEW ride. I feel sorry that I can't feel happy about this but it's just too much. I’m lost…please help!


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Pregnant Pig, eh?

Well, I don't know much about pregnant pigs, so all you can do is wait and see. The best way to find out if its pregnant or not is to take it to a vet.
Otherwise, observe it daily to see if your pig has any signs of an illness.
If it is pregnant, don't worry about the babies. Post and ad in the newspaper to see if anyone wants it, or you can give them to a friend.
Re: Pregnant Pig, eh?

omg! exact thing happened to me-yes mine was pregnant- this is probably her first litter so you might have 1-2 pigs, mine had 2 and i kept the girl and i gave the boy away to a good friend.
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