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Neutering/Spaying Ollys a new man!


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Cavy Slave
Nov 10, 2011
So, today was Oliver's surgery, and hes already home with me ^^ It was fiasco tho. Last night my brother had gotten arrested and I had to help bail him out. I was not sour if I'd have enough money to cover the surgery but thank god for making grandmas ^^ she lent me the 90 dollars I had to take out to cover my brothers bail. Although she doesn't understand why I'd pay to have a gunie pig neutered, she knew it was vary important to me ^^ gotta love her. BUT! Oliver is doing good, hes siting in my lap right know.. I think hes still a little tired from the surgery. The vet gave me anti bionics for him for a few days to make sour hes stays healthy XD I'm soo happy its done and over with though.. i was sooo worried!
Im sorry about you having to bail out your brother. But thank goodness for grandparents sometimes. Im so glad he's doing well
Glad things worked out today!! I'm taking Lightning in for his nutering on July 5th and praying that all goes well!! I hope Oliver has a speedy recovery :)
Don't you think the title of your thread is a little misleading?? There's a reason they call it "neutering". Happy that he's doing well!

lol he is a new man XD a new man that cant have baby's lol
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