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Bonding Oliver is introduced to the girls :)


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Jun 27, 2006
[GuineaPigCages.com] Oliver is introduced to the girls :)
Moo (right), Oliver (middle) and Lucy (left) meeting for the first time. Nothing like a little lettuce to break the ice.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Oliver is introduced to the girls :)
Lucy looks like she's bigger than Moo is, but she's not. Her hair makes her look so much bigger than she is. :)

[GuineaPigCages.com] Oliver is introduced to the girls :)
The gang eating some lettuce. Yes, that is a pet store cage. They are going to be in that about 48 hours while we're moving to a new house and I get their cage re-built. It's not ideal but it'll work for a day or two at most. If it looks like it's going to take longer to get the cage done I'll build a temp C&C cage. They were separated by gender in two 2X4 cages up till now.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Oliver is introduced to the girls :)
Moo, she's such the sweetie when she has lap time, but definitely the alpha piggie of the bunch.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Oliver is introduced to the girls :)

Our little man Oliver, who would have thought that back in March we were worried he wasn't going to be with us long. Now he's neutered, happy and healthy. Also he's loving the girls and we've caught all three of them snuggled up sleeping twice already.
Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing. May I ask what was wrong with Oliver?
Thanks Delaine.

We got Oliver as a rescue with his cagemate Chester, they were both about 4 weeks old but not from the same litter. Within a few days of being home it was obvious that they both had a URI. While that was being treated Oliver had extreme swelling in a front leg at the elbow joint, and we had him looked at. They did an x-ray but determined there was nothing wrong with the bone and it was just soft tissue swelling. They suspected he got hurt on something and prescribed some pain meds and some anti-inflamatory stuff. The swelling went down for a few days and then came back in the other front leg. And then again in a back leg. When we took him back they were worried that it was a serious degenerative disease that would cause him life long pain and if that were the case we'd have opted to have him put to sleep so he didn't spend his life suffering. He wasn't gaining weight well and had no energy most of the time because he was in pain. After fighting the swelling off for another few weeks we did some bloodwork and changed the meds he was taking. They gave him a better pain med and switched him to steroids for the swelling. That and a super strong antibiotic just in case his URI had spread and settled in his joints for whatever reason. The steroids are what did the trick and the swelling went down within 24 hours. His bloodwork came back perfect and other than being a little underweight there was nothing "wrong" that they could pinpoint. After a bunch of research our vet, who we LOVE LOVE LOVE, found this rare disorder that will cause random swelling in joints, if the swelling is controlled than there is little to no pain and it won't effect quality of life at all. So we keep steroids on hand and if he starts losing energy or we see swelling he gets those right away and while he's still had a few incidents of swelling randomly we seem to have it pretty under control. Plus the vet is hopeful that as he gets older he will outgrow it. For about a month there it was touch and go about whether to keep looking for a solution or put him to sleep and I'm so glad we fought for him because he's such a sweet guy. He went through his neuter surgery just fine and other than a perminently fused elbow joint on one front leg there is nothing wrong with him. One of the early swelling incidents caused damage to that joint and because he was so young as it grew it fused. He gets around just fine though but we are told that he might be at a higher risk for arthritis in it when he gets old.
What a wonderful story with a very happy ending. Thank you so much for sharing it. Oliver is very lucky to have been rescued by you.
Oliver is one lucky pig. All three are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Great pictures too.
Looking forward to seeing them in their new cage and sharing.
Oliver is a lucky little man. What dose of steroids did your vet put him on? The reason I'm wondering is that I've been on steroids on and off and the dosage and tapering off slowly is critical in humans. There are also a lot of long term problems, like bone thinning, after prolonged steroid use. Did your vet rule out osteodystrophy? I had a guinea pig that had it. Her xrays showed bone fusing which started in her back legs and progressed to her front legs and neck. I'd keep and eye on him to see if any of his other limbs seem to be affected.
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