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Size Okay for 2 females?


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Nov 7, 2011
Merry Christmas to all the cavy slaves out there!

So, I reallllly want to get another piggy, but Molly may or may not accept a friend, so I am thinking I may have to enlarge and divide her cage temporarily or permanently.

Will this be big enough for 2 females...

2x5 grid cage with 2 2x1 lofts divided in half, so that would be 2x2.5 plus 2x1 loft per pig.

Also, since I am still holding out hope that I can have two pigs living together without fighting, has anyone had experience of two girls living side by side for a while and then moving in together successfully?

Hi there. Many of us have two or more pigs living together. I have four females ! First of all, hopefully you will adopt your friend for Molly and not buy. You will need to quarantine of course. Then, you introduce in a neutral space and let them check each other out. Only then do you put them in a well cleaned pen with new boxes with two exits (so nobody gets trapped and so the existing pig doesn't resent the newcomer in her favorite hidey). There are instructions for intros here on the site. If you do not find the thread, post again.
P.S. Yes, that cage sound big enough. Just follow the intros and let them have the entire cage, not divided.
Here is the link. Important to read through and the introduction section is halfway down:

Guinea Pigs Social Life
Each pig will need a minimum 2x3, so a 2x6 split down the middle would work. They need continuous floor area, which is what the recommendations on this site are based upon, so that loft would be just a bonus, essentially separate 2x1 cage for them to explore, so it would not be quite enough space for each of them.

I wouldn't recommend having them live side by side first. Instead, I would try to take Molly with you to adopt a friend from a local guinea pig rescue. Pigs from reputable rescues will have been quarantined, so Molly can meet her prospective future friend and you can watch and see who she works out best with.

If you can't do a meet and greet, I would still adopt and then introduce properly in a neutral area.
Thanks, I have done everything suggested above, and even got a rescue group to bring in a few piggies to try to introduce to my very dominant female. It may be case that they have to live side by side. Just wondering if a cage that size divided will be big enough.
See SurfingPig's recommendation for the size. I introduced two babies to two adults. Worked very well. I wonder if a neutered male might work out better than a sow? My local rescue has many neutered males, perhaps yours will have one as well?
The preferred cage size for two females living together is a 2x4 C&C cage (bigger is always better though). If they have to live seperately then they would each need a 2x3 living space, equivilent to a 2x6 or 4x3 if you build them side by side.

You save more room if your piggies can get along.

**Crossing my fingers for you that the rescue can find you a happy match for your baby**
I have noticed that neutered males in our local rescues are usually happy to be housed with a dominant sow. I have two sows right now mixing it up over dominance, and my neutered boar loves to just rumble around at them and figures out rather quickly (from a nip or pee stream) that they aren't too interested in him.
If they can't get along, I'd take off the top levels and make a 2 x 6 or 2 x 7 that's divided in two. A 2 x 2.25 is too small.
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