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Joy Okay, admit it


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Nov 16, 2011
What all do you get your piggies for Christmas? Our 7 year old wrote a Dear Santa on behalf of the pigs. :) lol
I don't have piggies yet, so no Christmas shopping for me so far.

But what did your 7 year old ask for the piggies to have? That's so very cute and thoughtful.
Lol he asked Santa for lots of hay and for lots of fresh veggies and new toys. :)
I want to get my girls a cage expansion!
That is so sweet! I think the boys will be getting a soda box(the 24 pack) and some fleece pillows:D!
Cuddle cups. One each. Should make them happy! =D
Cardboard tunnels, nylon cat tunnels with extra entrances, hay tunnels in different shapes, igloos, wooden houses, a cat crinkle cozy sack & hopefully a new fleece. This is however on my own list that I gave to my family. xD
Hopefully I'm getting my piggy a friend for Christmas! :D

Other than that, I'm asking for piggy bed spreads and veggies :).
I think I will get Pedro some new cozies this year :)
I want new fleece. I'm hoping it'll be on sale again around the Holidays. Also, I will be ordering custom cuddle cups that will look like flowers, ladybugs, etc... from https://pimpmypiggy.homestead.com/Cupcake-Beds.html

LOVE her custom stuff.

And I need to refill on shampoo from (broken link removed) And a few cardboard boxes from the local grocery store... They love cardboard tunnels and hidey houses!!
I will hopefully be getting them some cuddle cups, fleece tubes, hidey houses, etc. I got this big cage and it is looking kinda empty!
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