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ok mites best treatment


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Oct 13, 2004
okay overall what is the best treatment for mites and cheapest also how much would it cost to get 2 guinea pigs treated??, i heard ivermectin poisons dogs a bit does it do that to guinea pigs??
You can use Revolution (a lot easier to find than actual Ivermectin for livestock) for cats or kittens which is the exact same thing as Ivermectin (Selemectin).
Most vets will carry this and even petstores etc. And usually for one tube it is $12- $15.
Revolution do you just rub it on the fur or inject it in?
You just squeeze it out (from the little tube it comes in, I use a syringe though to accuratly measure) directly on the skin, most people put it on bare skin behind the cavies ear. No injecting nessecary. And dosing is a heck of a lot easier than Ivermectin, if you are just dosing a couple of piggs.

Dosing is 0.1 cc per pound.
Only one dosage is required. But if you suspect the mites haven't gone away then you can treat again in another month.
okay thank you! i hope i find this stuff as i dont really want to take them to the vets as we are poor right now
my mother in law is getting ivermectin for pigs and she said you put it in there mouth, oh pigs as in the big pigs that oink and smell and shes going to use it for her dogs, is this the ivermectin that u cna use for guinea pigs?
Please see this link (will post below), you need to acuratly figure out the dosage and how much to dilute for that type of Ivermectin (I personally have never heard of using Pig Ivermectin, but I imagine Ivermectin is Ivermectin, either way it will treat mites). If you overdose that is not good.
Read the whole thing if possible it is very informative- https://www.guinealynx.com/ivermectin.html

What ever you do, do not use the dosing info I posted above if you are not using Revolution. Those dosages written above apply to Revolution only.
beh i'd rather use revolution then hehe
Ivermectis good. If you overdose on topical ivermectin, its not as bad as overdosing on the oral stuff
is it more expensive then revolution tho
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