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Sounds Oh.Em.Gee. WHEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!


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Sep 24, 2011
Oh.Em.Gee. So Ginger has started wheeking every morning! And when I say morning, I mean at the crack of dawn. It started at 4:00 A.M. Then the next day, 3. After a couple days, she decided 2 was better. (She did that today!_ Does anyone have any idea why she does this?? I gave her her morning pellets when she started last time, she got quite, then she started right back up again! She's in my room so It's especially loud to me! HELP!
What time do you feed her the last meal of the day? And does she have hay and pellets at night?

Guinea pigs are not usually active at night, so it may be that she's just really hungry. I feed my two the biggest meal of the day just before I go to bed. That's also when I refill their hay racks and pellet dishes. I never hear a peep out of them during the night, even if I sleep in the same room with them.
I divide her 1/8 cup of pellets into two. 2/16 in the morning, (about 7, before I go to school) and 2/16 at night. (About 8:30, before I go to bed) She has unlimited hay all day, I refill those at the same time as I feed her, unless it is already empty.
Is anyone else in your household up at that time? I'm up at 4:00 a.m. on Mondays so as soon as I am getting out of bed, they're wheeking. It could be a car outside or some sound that makes yours think that they are going to be fed. I slept in until about 8:40 this morning. I'm the one who feeds them so all hell had broken loose while I was still asleep. Guinea pigs were under some of the fleece, pigloos were tipped over and were loaded with poop and urine and all the water bottles in all three cages were empty. I filled them last night before I went to bed. They were obviously really upset that I slept in this morning since they're creatures of habit and know the schedule.
No, there are only two of us and he sleeps in until about 7:30
When does she get her veggies?
About 5-7 p.m.
Why don't you try giving them to her right before you go to bed? Top off her hay, refill her pellets, and give her the veggies. Maybe she'll sleep through the 4 am feeding.
Good idea, thanks! I will. Is there any other reason she could be doing this?
Cappy (my pig) used to do this too. I agree with bpatters that you should feed her RIGHT before you go to bed. That's what I do now and it works wonders. My bedtime routine - shower, get ready for bed, go downstairs & get carrots/lettuce/etc, hay/pellets, sleep. Cuddles and floor time come earlier. :)
Ok, so I gave her her veggies RIGHT before I went to bed last night, and it worked! Thanks for all your help :) I can sleep again!! lol
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