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oh deary me


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Oct 13, 2004
okay WELL shes not pregnant as its a HE argh lol but its VERY VERY fat how did i find this out?? well i bought two new guinea pigs 1 aby and 1 silkie and i put my one with the silkie and it proceeded to mate with her but i pulled him off in time so shes not pregnant and now im stuck as what to do with every guinea pig

also the two new guinea pigs name the silkie's name was brownie and the aby is Sarah they were already named and i will keep them like that i also thought oh no as my male guinea pig is called Merry haha
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Are you 100% sure about the sex (obviously it's a good idea to keep them apart until you are sure, so separating them was the best move)? Have a look at this page https://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm and get your vet or an experienced cavy owner to check if you're not sure. Mounting is perfectly normal introductory behaviour (see https://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm#Introductions) so that alone does not make a man!

If one is a boy, you have a few options.
1. Make a big cage with a partition and have them living together side by side.
2. Wait until the boar is old enough and have him neutered so they can live together.
3. Get a new buddy for each of them.
hmm well he mounted her and i took him off her and i saw his peepee and also i felt his ermm other things which i didnt before which is weird also 2 i dont know how old the boar is around a 1year but hes smaller then the females i dont know if its cos its bad breeding or whatever, im just annoyed at myself for not checking the sex when i bought it also i should know what sex they are really seeing as i used to have 10guinea pigs but its like my brain has gone blank
Loveheart said:
i took him off her and i saw his peepee

Well, when you put it that way.....! Guinea pigs can provide an immense amount of companionship for one another living side by side, so have their cages right up together if you haven't got one large one you can easily partition. As long as they can see, smell and hear each other, they'll be fine, and you can decide what you want to do in the longrun.

Here's a good page on neutering if you're considering that https://www.cavyspirit.com/neutering.htm but non-essential surgery isn't for everyone. If he's a year old, he's old enough - the vets will check him over before surgery if you're worried about his weight. Some pigs are just natually bigger than others, so I wouldn't worry too much about his size unless he feels thin.
hmm well hes tiny but fat also when he got excited his ermm bum kinda opened a bit and i saw some poop like i dunno what it was, anyways hes wheeking away as he wants to mate poor thing haha, i also think he might have mites cos i just checked his skin and i saw tiny scab so hes been in contact with 2 others so im going to have to take them to vets but we have a microscope could we do the skin scrape here?? im not sure i might just take them to the vets i dunno what to do right now haha i got 2 of them in rubbermaids for now as i dont have any coroplast nearest is 3hours away
Skin scrapings are unnecessary, expensive and painful for the pig. If they are exhibiting the symptoms of mites, just take them to the vet who should be able to visually recognise this straight away (if not from any flaky skin/ hairloss/ scratch marks etc, then from your description of any itching), and ask for ivermectin. Good thinking getting them all treated, and make sure you thoroughly clean their living areas during treatment (usually they'll have two or three treatments to make sure all are gone).

Have a look at this page for information https://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html#mangemite.

Good luck getting a proper cage sorted out. If you can't find anywhere closer (or somehwhere that will deliver) you could always try lino.
hmm how much would this mite treatment cost wereabouts i mean cos im kind of poor :D what about advantage?
I'm glad that there are no piggy babies! It's a relief to you as well, I'm sure. Cavies can certainly be misleading. You're sure that the sow isn't pregnant? It's a miracle you caught them in time.
I question whether you caught them in time. It only takes a second. He could have been successful.

Why didn't the breeder or pet store you got them from correctly sex them? Why didn't you do so before? Did you get them at the same place?

You should have quarantined them. You need to treat for mites.

If you can't afford vet care, then maybe you should think about pet ownership especially if you're buying incorrectly sexed and ill piggies.
If you can't afford to take the cavies to vet, then you can treat them at home for mites with Ivermectin (can be purchased at vet supply store, or any place that carries stuff for live stock. Feed stores etc) or Revolution for cats or kittens (you only need to buy one tube, can be purchased at the vet, or just about any where over the counter.) Let me know if you want the dosing for Revolution, the dosing for ivermectin can be found at -
well im kicking myself for not checking the black guinea pigs sex which i should have done, no they didnt stay on long enough to breed properly, and its the black guinea pig who i might think might have mites i know the other two are in perfect good health, i also know it would have been bad if they bred too as they both have never had babies
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