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Mounting odd behavior...


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Apr 23, 2012
Im.starting to suspect that George the Boy may in fact be an actual boy. He appears to be spraying, seems overly interested in Moki‘s rear end, and I have witnessed him attempting to mount her several times in the past couple of days. He also has been doing this weird slow walk while rocking from side to side, like a swagger? And this funny wooky type noise too. He doent seem aggressive to me, he allowed me to stroke his nose while he ate parsley out of my hand today, but Im a bit concerned :/
It's called rumblestrutting, and it can be done by both males and females. But if you're housing them together, I fervently hope they're both the same sex.

Read Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig and figure out what you've got. If they're not the same gender, please separate them immediately.

How old is your female pig? Age plays a big part in whether or not females can safely give birth. Their pelvic ligaments stiffen and don't allow the pelvis to separate enough for the pups to pass through, making the mortality rate for older moms and pups much higher than for younger ones.
My estimate is that Moki is 10 weeks old and George is 8 weeks. The pet store guy sexed them in front of me, and Moki appeared to be female, George did too. but the guy said it was harder to sex them so young-6 weeksold. There was a third one the same age as george and there was an obvious penis, so I belived George was a girl. I guess now Im going to learn to sex a pig myself...
George is a boy for sure :( And Moki is for sure a girl. is there a way to tell if shes in heat? Because i think she might be :(
if i were you, until you're sure, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, i'd separate them now!
They're usually not hard to sex at six weeks, although there are exceptions. But there appear be an amazing number of pet store employees who have no idea how to sex guinea pigs.

You should separate them, but it may be too late. They're both plenty old enough to breed. If she is pregnant, your female will need extra care and extra calcium, because she's very young to be having babies, and it will be hard on her.
How should I do that? Should I put 2 more grids and bisect it crosswise to githve them each a 2*2 space, or lenghtwise so they each have a 1*4 space? It seems mean to put one back int the petshop cage...and we only have 1 water bottle...
I'd do the 2x2 space unless the store bought cage is bigger. Just do it now. It's more mean to let them breed than to have them in a small space temporarily, in my opinion.
You can find a water bottle for less than $5 at Walmart or a pet store.

I'd do a 2x2 and get some more grids and enlarge both cages.
We dont have a walmart or pet store in our town. Im going to put him in the storebought cage and give her a bowl of water for now. Poor wheekers :( They seem so sad-lookin at each.other through the bars
So.I.changed my mind about having George in the petshop cage. I divided the cc cage into 2 2*2 spaces and gave him the bowl of water and made him a little fleece forest out of some Batman fleece scraps I had, since we have just the one pigloowhich I left onMokis side. so just waiting to hear back from a friend who might have a spare bottle. Hopefully she isnt preggers
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