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Diet Obese pigs?


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Apr 29, 2012
I have two one year old guinea pigs.
Izzy, who is a 1300g female.
Felix, who is a 1100 g male.
I know izzy ISN'T pregnant because felix is neutered.
I weighed them just now and I'm concerned over the numbers.
It is night time, so I know they will probably weigh more.
I will weigh them tomorrow morning before breakfast to get an accuarate reading, but in the mean time, should I be concerned?
How long after he was neutered did you move him in with her?

I don't see any issues with the weights. Some pigs are just bigger than others; I have four males and the smallest is 1920g. It depends on their body type, age, etc. I wouldn't worry about the weights you have listed unless you're seeing another problem with them (like they can't clean themselves, etc.)
oh my, what a big piggie ! I'm not sure about that, I got them from a shelter. I've had them 3 weeks though and she seems to be fine. I highly doubt a rescue would want to risk getting a pig pregnant.
Don't worry. Both my sows are over 1300 grams, and they're not fat.
this is reassuring! thank you. I was really worried. I read sows are supposed to be 700-800 somewhere on this form D:
yes, forum. I'm tired haha. And yeah that's true.
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