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Behavior Now I'm confused.


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Dec 29, 2011
So I built my C&C as big as I could, a 2x4 with kitchen loft.
They absolutely love it. Popcorning, running around, up and down ramp etc.

But now they seem even less inclined to be picked up and given attention. Abigail in particular runs like crazy and wheeks when I catch her! She's never been this bad before, and it only started once I put them in the new, bigger cage!

I'm so confused... What's going on?

Oh, I noticed some runny poops, so I've altered/lowered their veggie intake, so I'm hoping that'll help, maybe they're gassy :S
Hi, I have an Abigail too, I call her Abbey mostly. I am not sure about the cage thing, but my Abigail can't do anything from the brassica family like broccoli, cabbage, etc. I have talked to lots of people that say their piggies can't eat certain veggies. Maybe there is something that doesn't agree with one of them. Hope you can find out the problem.
In the small cage, they probably froze because they knew there was no place to run. Now, they have the opportunity to run and hide! My piggies absolutely love their C&C cage so don't feel hurt!
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