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Nothing but piggy heaven lol!!!!


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Jun 28, 2012
hmm well not sure were to start but I guess hello is a good start lol :)
Im new to this site and when I found it I loved all the info and C&C cages well i love this hole site its great :) :)

I run a piggy rescue here in calgary alberta...and i also have piggys of my own I have a 3 female herd and a 6 male herd..as well as a few rescues...Lets see there names are...Boo shes all white with a black patch on her eye,Penny shes all multi colored,and a white and brown female she hasnt got a name yet all three are short haired....as for my males there is grimm my all black abby hes my SPCA rescue about a year ago,hershy hes white and brown abby/silky i think lol,moe he is a multi colored teddy??,bubba he is white and dark chocolate not sure on breed but hes a short haired,grizz he is a long haired multi colored,and finally we have no name we just cant find one that fits him...

as for my rescue well u wouldnt believe the things I have seen so far...sadly I just had a piggy pass away last night he had bumble foot as well as an infection inside him he had hair loss..he had so much wrong done to him over his 3 years so I hope i made him a little happy well he was here I wish there was more that could have been done but we just didnt help him in time :sorry:....
Welcome I'm Amy and that's so sad to hear.
Hello and welcome to the forum! Wpuld love to see pics of your great herds.

So sorry you lost the little guy. You at least tried to help him giving him care and love.

Looking forward to sharing all things piggie!
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