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not sure


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Oct 13, 2004
didnt know where to post this but does anyone know if sheep hide is okay for the guinea pig i wanted to use it for the guinea pig its sheep hide with the sheep fur too by the way. thanks if anyone could help me with this
not sure, but some piggies may be allergic to it. sorry i couldnt be more of a help.
its okay we decided to end up using the sheep hide for our bed and bought some fleece and material for GP i ended up finding some in wal-mart EVENTUALLY! for 2.73 a yard for fleece and material was 1dollar a yard now im going to make a cozy!
Ok, I think that should work. Personally, I find this a bit offensive, because I am against the killing of animals for us. I also think that you could have used polar fleece, but... oh well.
whats polar fleece? well i ended up buying fleece anyways
Polar fleece is that material that you see in the tied blankets, in coats, etc. You can find it at any craft/fabric store.
ahh okay thanks
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