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Behavior Not sure what to make if it all?


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Feb 1, 2012
Tonight when I was having lap time with Poppy, she made a strange rumbling purring sort of noise when I stroked her sides, and I'm not sure how to take it, or how she meant it. She seams to be the dominant one of my 3 girls, and the noise she made at me tonight is the same one she makes at the other piggies, usually accompanied by lot of "shaking her butt" which I think is called rumblestrutting. Please can someone tell me was she being aggressive, or telling me she liked it?
Who knows? I gave up on guinea pig sounds a long time ago. If she didn't bite you, she probably was saying she liked it. lol
Yes, she liked it
My Poppy will purr and kind of quivers all over when I am petting him, to me that means he is happy as he just lies there and soaks it up! :D
I disagree. It's either the noise that pigs make when you touch them in places they don't like (usually stomachs or their bottoms) or it's the rumbling noise pigs make to show you they are dominant, and stop messing with them.
Who knows? I gave up on guinea pig sounds a long time ago. If she didn't bite you, she probably was saying she liked it.

I give up, too. I've listened to recordings, etc, and still can't tell. Guess I'm piggie illiterate...lol
But my Poppy makes this sound, if it is the same on when I am petting him in the direction of his fur on his back. Am I wrong?
I don't think this is a happy sound!!!
Tonight when having lap time with poppy she was quite happy for a little while, while the treats kept coming, then she got a bit restless, she climbed up onto my shoulder and settled herself in against my ear and seamed happy to stay there, I had not allowed this to happen before as she is very new to me and I was afraid she might jump off and be hurt, even tonight I kept my hand on her just in case, she stayed there for a good while then decided she wanted to investigate the back of the sofa, so I had to lift her back down on to my lap. Maybe it was this that ticked her off but she was not pleased with me, I tried to let her roam about the seats of the sofa, while I sat at the front of it on my knees so she couldn't fall off, but when I approached her with my hand to stroke her she started to bubble and rumblestrut at me, then she pranced off across the the seat, I let her go but when I thought she had gone too far I reached over to bring her back, and when I put my hand on her she SPRAYED ME WITH WEE!!!!!!! I think I've got a feisty one on my hands
Yeah, she seems like she's pretty bossy! I love the ones with so much personality!
Any ideas on how to gently inform her who has the opposable thumbs around here, just who opens the veg and nugget bags. Or at least getting her not to spray me with wee, short of shaking my butt around the house and throwing my own urine back at her, I don't know what to do, and the neighbors already think I'm crazy. ;)
Think she'll be impressed by opposable thumbs? ;)
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