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Not sure of new pigs sex


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Jun 7, 2006
I got a new pig 3 weeks ago from a lady who phoned me(she got my number from a local rescue). The lady told me that Peggy had belonged to a man who abused her. A woman nearby took Peggy off the man but shortly afterwards she got evicted and couldn't take Peggy. Some children wanted to take her but the woman who'd called me was worried that they wouldn't look after her so she offered to take Peggy instead, then she phoned me. She told me that Peggy was a girl and that the man had used her for breeding but I'm pretty sure I have a boy. I have taken a photo of his/her bits so please tell me what you think. When I press around that area nothing further pops out as is normal with boars, however I think what is there is too prominent for Peggy to be a girl
[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex

I introduced him/her to my single pig Dave (his friend Scruffy died a couple of months ago) and I'm sure s/he made that smell boys make, also s/he mounted Dave and rumblestrutted. Is it safe to assume that Peggy is a boy? They seem to like each other. Here they are together. I'll need a new name for Peggy if s/he is a boy.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex
I think she's a girl. Her parts look like my Gracie's, who I know has had at least two litters (before I got her, of course).
Obviously you can only tell so much from a piic but if nothing pops out when you press I would say sow, past a certain age testicles should be quite noticeable too. Is Dave neutered ?
Maybe you could take her to a vet and have them see if they can determine? It looks like a girl and if they used her for breeding chances are it's a girl, it's hard to breed and be wrong about the sex.
Plopper, no Dave isn't neutered but I only introduced them briefly and he didn't try to mount Peggy. It was Peggy who was acting like a boy. Is it possible for girls to have what looks like male bits? None of my other girls are like that. Also surely Dave would have been very interested if Peggy was a girl, but he wasn't.

Even though I was told that Peggy has been used for breeding I think someone along the line has misheard about the sex but if you all think I have a girl I guess I should let the vet have a look. I'm very confused.
All three of my boys have very obvious testicles. If she were a boy (?) I think it would be more obvious than that. Of course I don't have any girls....but she doesn't look like a boy to me.
That looks like a boy to me.

Can you post more pics? How old is he about?
I only have females, but one of my girls is a bit more prominant than the other two. She had me double checking like mad before we introduced them even though I was 99% sure she was a girl. A penis never popped out and I checked her a ton of times during her quarantine period. Then I finally caught her peeing and low and behold, girl. Her bits look kind of like Peggy's. See if you can catch her peeing. If she looks like she's being from her back end (which obviously she's not) then it's a girl. Boys pee more inward, or so I've read. I haven't actually seen the evidence since I don't have a male :)

From the guinealynx sexing page: "One of Pinta's hints is that sows pee outward and boars pee inward."
That peeing hint is a very good one when in doubt. It takes some time and patience to watch long enough though.

I too think that looks like a boy, but it's tough to tell for sure from pics. Run your finger back and forth just above the part that's protruding and see if you feel a ridge there. That would be the penis if it's a male.

Also, keep trying to make a penis protrude. I never believe a male is a male for certain unless I can get a penis to pop out.
Judging by the toenails, that's not a little baby.. My boys all have obvious parts, and have since I got my pair who were about four months old at the time... and by obvious, I mean moreso than than picture!

Can you get a picture of you holding the piggie up with the back against you instead of lying down on your lap? That might help a bit. Kind of like this:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex

[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex
[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex

Wow, Mogwai's nails definitely look better these days!!
I thought it looked like a boy, too, but I'm nowhere near as experienced as the others on here. It's much easier to tell in person.
Ok I got some more pics. I had to clean out Peggy's bum so thats another thing that makes me think I have a boy
[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex

[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex

[GuineaPigCages.com] Not sure of new pigs sex
Looks more like a neutered male now. Try again to push it out, or feel for the ridge under the skin.
Run your finger back and forth just above the part that's protruding and see if you feel a ridge there. That would be the penis if it's a male.
Yes I do feel a ridge!

Try again to push it out,
It won't push out any more than what you can see in the pics. I've tried many times.
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Those last pics look like a neutered boy to me. I'd take the poor thing to a vet to be positive.
That is wierd. the first one looks like a female, but the second one looks like a male. The only way to be sure, is to go to A CAVY SAVVY vet! If you go to a not cavy savvy vet, you could be given wrong info!
I think it's a neutered male, but I could be wrong.
That's a boy. Not necessarily neutered.
I'm certain now that Peggy is a boy because I have felt a ridge near the penis. It feels the same as Dave's, my other male. I felt some of the girls and they don't have one.

What makes some of you think Peggy is neutered? If he is indeed a neutered male then I'll attempt to put him with Elsa, an aggressive female who's living alone at present. I was going to get Dave neutered and put him with her as he's alone at present too. If Elsa doesn't like either of the boys I can put one of the boys with the large female group and take out Poppy and Princess to go with the other boy.

Then again, I'd like to see if Elsa and Peggy get along before getting Dave neutered because if they don't then I can't see her getting along with Dave either. Elsa even attacked Lola and Mavis, my two gentlest girls. Maybe she should stay alone and Dave and Peggy could go together. What do you guys think I should do? I need your advice again please :D

Edit: If you can't be sure about Peggy being a neutered male I'll go to the vet but it will have to wait a couple of weeks to get the cash as its not an emergency like an illness where my mum would help me out.
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I'm not positive he's nuetered, but it doesn't look like he has obvious testicles like an un-nuetered male would.
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