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Abscess not eating or pooping.


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Jan 4, 2010
Archie had surgery today at 1:30 and we picked him up around 4:30. The surgery was to remove his multiple abscesses that he had. I wasn't told by Dr. Frye if he ate or not while he was in there but ever since he has gotten home he has not eaten anything. He has not pooped or peed (that I can tell of about the peeing). Should I be worried seeing as he's been home for 7 hours? I have given him some critical care about a half an hour ago. I am worried out of my mind and I really don't know what to do. any advice would certainly be welcomed.
Is your vet open on Saturdays? I would just call them and let them know what is happening. Didn't they send you home with an information sheet on what to expect after surgery? Did the Vet talk to you after surgery and explain to you the side effects of anesthesia? With my past experiences, I would think that he is still recovering from the anesthesia and will be a bit groggy and lazy for a few days.

Was he allowed to eat before surgery? I would just keep a close eye on him tonight and see how he is in the morning. Maybe saringe feed him a bit of water also to keep him hydrated.

Sorry I can't be of much help sweetie :(
I would give the vet a call. I remember when Joey had surgery (bladder stones out, so not the same surgery but still the same idea) he was eating and pooping right away. Hope things start to improve! Keep us updated!
Yes defintaly start aggressively syringe feeding critical care and water. Their digestive track can go in stassis and die in 12 hours. Is he on pain meds. If they removed lumps they should have given pain meds. Hope things are going better now. I see its been about 24 hours since you brought him home! Good luck!
Yes defintaly start aggressively syringe feeding critical care and water. Their digestive track can go in stassis and die in 12 hours. Is he on pain meds. If they removed lumps they should have given pain meds. Hope things are going better now. I see its been about 24 hours since you brought him home! Good luck!
He hates the critical care so I have to force him to take it. He ate his veggies last night but he hasnt touched his hay or his pellets. He has started pooping (a whole lot now) so that would be a good sign. I've been at work all morning so I'm not sure if he's had any water so I have been giving some to him through a syringe. He has been on pain meds and anti-biotics and I am giving him bene-bac as a probiotic. The vet wasn't open today... (which I thought was weird for an "animal hospital") but I left Archie's vet a message explaining that he wont eat his hay or pellets and has just started pooping this morning. They said Archie could eat before the surgery because guinea pig's don't have gag reflexes (I didn't know that). They also told me he should be eating and pooping right after surgery. They never did give me any paper work on what I should expect after surgery though... I hope pooping is a great sign and we can stop worrying about poor little Archie.
I just wanted to give you a guinea lynx link for you to "click" out below which may help guide you and what to expect :


I wish Archie well and he will be in my thoughts and prayers for a good easy recovery !!
Thank you for the links! Archie has became a poop machine! And he finally ate all of his hay and is slowly eating more and more pellets.
So glad to hear he is back on the road to recovery...
I'm glad he's finally eating.
I'm so glad to hear that Archie is on the mend! :)
He might be eating just fine but he keeps picking at his insicions. My vet says not to mind it and that he's just itching. She gave me some bitter apple spray to put on him so he stops and now he's digging at it even more. I just don't know what to do to keep him from doing this. Of course he's going to be bored in a 2x1 cage (again) but that doesn't mean he shouldn't pick at it. It's so bad that its red and scabby. Any ideas?
Pigs like bitter things, so I don't think the Bitter Apple would work on them. Can you wash it off? Where is the incision? How long ago was the surgery?
Well we took him back to the vet where we washed it off. She made him a little cone which he gets out of. We are completely out of ideas. The incision is right above his private parts. So I don't know how in the world this is going to work out without covering him up to the point where he can't use the rest room. The surgery was was last friday.
Oh man, so sorry ! I suppose you could try bandaging him up with gauze or an ace bandage...but he would probably still be able to reach and pick at his incision...right ?
The first one looks like the "dress" thing that the vet made him. Archie slips right out of it even if I put two on him a t once. He also likes to charge and try to bite at my hands when I put the "dress" on him. I was thinking that I could tape the leg holes to keep the fabric from stretching but I'm afraid of him eating the tape.
Here's his dress!
Hahaha, HOhoho !! Oh man did I laugh right out loud when I saw this !! Oh my goodness how funny is THIS !! Yes...this is just like the one that the girl on guinea lynx tried ! Oh MY, Archie does NOT look too happy about it ! Oh my, forgive me for laughing, but I just couldn't help it. You can tell from Archie's posture that he is MAD !

Oh man...I am so sorry that he won't put up with some type of bandage until his incision heals ! What if you sewed a few stitches to the leg openings ?

What if you bandaged around his belly ?

Please don't be offended or mad for laughing, but he just oh, he is just too cute in his mad like posture !
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Oh, were the abscesses at the neuter site? Is there another thread about this pig?

Possible causes for abscessing at the neuter site are bacteria and a reaction to any sutures. My vet doesn't suture neuters, and if abscessing occurs and she removes or lances and drains it, she leaves the area open--no sutures.

I had a pig that wouldn't stay wrapped or bandaged at all. He had a wound on his side that he kept scratching open. I ended up just keeping it well softened, so it wouldn't itch while healing and no real hard scab formed.
That is a GREAT idea foggycreekcavy ! What did you use as a softener ? Was it some type of anti-itch cream as well ?
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