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Noisy Rabbit


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jul 24, 2005
My boyfriend's rabbit is very noisy from about 4am-7am. He rattles the cage bars and tries to dig at the floor. Even if you let him out he still rattles the grids that are set up to bunny proof the room. Can anyone think of anything I can do to get him to quiet down for those couple of hours? Thanks.
Give him an old phone book to shred, a pan of peat moss to dig in, loads of toys, a stuffed animal, to beat up, or some other means of working off his nighttime energy.

He is probably making noise because he is at his most active and alert at that time and has nothing to do.
my sister's rabbit does this too although he does it during lunch time hours. We usally let him out and lay newspaper out so he can tare it up or a radio(walkie talkie typ) and if we leave the house and we are outside he can still hear us
Hi everyone, I just joined up on this forum, so I thought I would chime in here also. Being the proud parent of a great bunny and knowing just a bit about them I will say that rabbits are at their most active in the mornings and evenings. Ours will drive us crazy in the morning when he's playing. :)

Again, hi everybody. :)
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