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Rabbits No top C&C Cage for rabbit?


Cavy Slave
Jun 14, 2012
Hello! So I'll be getting a dwarf rabbit soon and I was planning ideas on how my cage should look like. I saw many open (No lid/tops) C&C cages and I was just wondering... couldn't the rabbit be able to jump out? I used to have a Florida White rabbit and was able to jump out if it's playpen gate (about as high as 2 stacked grids).

I really wanna make a C&C cage with no top so that it is more easy to access but I'm just worried it'll hop out.

Any advice?
I think if it's all one level (no loft), a dwarf wouldn't be able to jump that high but if you have any boxes or huts inside that they could get on top of, they might be able to get out that way. My daughter has 2 smallish rabbits in a C&C cage. She has a 1 x 2 loft but has a roof just over those two grids. So far they have not managed to get out. You might be able to come up with some sort of a hinged lid to make access easier.
This is very good advice, thank you! Is it okay if I ask for a picture of the C&C Cage?
I have two small rabbits, a dwarf and a mini lop. They live in a c&c cage two grids high, and it has a hinged lid. However, in their playpen, of the same height they had no lid and never attempted to jump out. Dwarf rabbits can jump higher than two grids, but only if they have a reason. If they are terrified or just michevious, they could escape. For us, we have dogs and a cat, so a lid was necessary for safety reasons. Just because they are small does not mean they cannot jump high. Also, if igloos or anything up off the ground are present in the cage they could easily jump off of those. If you have no safety issues in the room your rabbits are in, a lid may not be needed. Good luck:)
Thanks for the advice! I think I'll make a C&C cage with an attachable lid, but attach the lid when my family and I leave the house. My Florida White was very mischievous so I'm guessing that's why it jumped out of the playpen a lot lol.
@Eswardfordaween I don't have any pictures as my daughter does not live with me but I will ask if she has a pic.
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