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General No poo during floor time


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Feb 5, 2012
I jokingly call my piggies poo machines as they usually leave them everywhere :) However today, after 45 minutes of floor time/veggies, there wasn't a single dropping. Didn't even notice them looking "down there". There was a little urine though, and they acted fine otherwise. These are my first guinea pigs and they are still pretty young so the only reference i have is their behavior from the past three weeks. Is this normal? Not that I didn't mind not having to do poo patrol, but I just thought it strange...
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Lucky ducks. Mine just go on the floor... hence why they don't have free range!

I will give them that they tend to go in the corners ha
My pigs are more prone to eating their droppings when they are on my bed, tense pigs might also poop more or almost nothing at all. Do they seem relaxed & content during floor time? Do they have access to hay?

It's quite odd as guinea pigs generally don't have much control over urination & pooping.
One of the girls didn't poop for 1 1/2 hours on the trip to the vet and she was the one I wanted a poop sample from. Maybe try putting out a covered litter box with some hay in it when they are out. I have a couple in their play area and they will go off and do their business in there and then come out and run around.
My Gigabyte would run into his cage, make his poops, and come back out. Or he would hold it and wait to be put back. If I didn't put him back fast enough when he was on my lap, he'd nip me like he was saying "I don't wanna pee on you! Put me down! HURRRRRRY!" :D
Piggies are like that sometimes.
This is a gross generalization
Pun intended? :p

My pig is still too terrified to be taken out of her cage, but the one time we took her out for about 5 minutes to bring her cage up two flights of stairs to our apartment, we left her in the bathtub, and in those five minutes, she left her body mass in poop. >__<
They are only about 8-9 weeks and are still a little skittish. Every day is a little better though and they didn't seem to act any different than normal (other than not pooping). I'd tidied their cage while they were on the floor and even after I put them back in their cage they still didn't poo for a while. I was gone for a bit and when i returned everything seems to be back to normal. They do have access to hay during floor time as well but I will definitely try the covered litterbox with the hay in it. It be great if they could learn to go in specific places. The only thing I don't get about their bathroom habits is why do they like to pee on their cozy and fleece tunnel when those are the places they love to hang out??
Murk, we got our girls as babies too. We let them out several times daily for floor time. At first they'd poo and pee everywhere. After about a week we started to just leave a towel in one corner and when they started doing the pee dance, looking around and backing up I'd move them to the towel. Now when they have floor time they'll only go on the towel but they will still go. They can make it about an hour or so before they go so if they're out for a shorter amount of time I don't have poos to deal with. Maybe they're just tidy.

Also our piggies have a tunnel we made from an extra grid bent into an upside down U shape, we covered the top with fleece for a tunnel effect. Any time I clean the fleece and wash that bit as soon as it's back in the cage they jump up on top of it and pee on it. Maybe it's just a marking of their territory? I don't have a ton of experience with knowing WHY they do it, I just know it seems fairly common.
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