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Newspaper and Shavings


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May 3, 2005
Do most people line their cages with newspaper and then load up on shavings? He's my dilemma.... When I use newspaper to line the cage, it gives the pigs better traction and is easy to roll up and pitch, but I find that it STINKS because they pee such an ENORMOUS amount after a day or two. (Who knew two little bodies could DO that?!?!?) I prefer spot cleaning every other day, but newspaper makes that unrealistic because it such a pain to drag out. If I don't line it, it's much easier to clean, but of course it stains the coroplast and the piggies kick shavings everywhere. I've even put in coroplast 'inserts' for their most heavily spolied spots, but even though they use those with the most frequency they still manage to pee over every square inch of their living space. Just curious over what others do....

On a side note, maybe it's just this last week -- we're waiting for more pellets to get here on friday, and all the extra veggies have sent pee production into overdrive!
I don't line mine because of the ink. My piggy chews it and I think the ink is bad for him to eat.
I don't see a point to lining it. Stains the coroplast? Guinea pig poop should come off with water and urine will come off with vinegar. There aren't any stains on even my white coro. To clean I just take a cup with handle and scoop it out then wipe out the rest with a papertowel. After all the bedding is out I wipe it off real quick with a little vinegar. Looks as clean as the day I set it up.
I use loads of newspapers under their shavings. There are 2 spots I know of where they urinate frequently so I add extra newspapers there. When I say I use newspapers, I can put down about 10 folded sheets in one area if not more. At work we have a rather large copier so I bring home a few rather large sheets of paper. I place one of them over the newspaper to held them down and the piggies can't get to it. Then I add a nice amount of shavings. sometimes some urine may reach the coroplast, not much though, but it comes right off when I do my cleaning every 2 weeks. I use a touch of bleach to alot of water.
thanks for the advice. I will start to use newspaper now!
I have read that wood shavings of any kind, are harmful to a GP's health in the long run as it can cause respitory complications. I will try to find a link if i can and post it here soon i am pretty sure i found it on (broken link removed) in the forums.

The bedding in my cage consists of newspaper, fleece, and occasionally wood shavings. Although i make up the bedding in my cage cage so they are not exposed to the shavings. First i put triple layers of newspaper on top of the coroplast. Then i add the shavings on top of the newspapers. I then put my final layer of fleece on top. The newspaper and wood shavings are underneath so they absord any urine that soaks through. When you clean the cage all you have to do i put the fleece in the washing machine, and roll up the newspaper with the shavings on top. That way you dont get shavings everywhere, and the fleece is prefect for my Gp's health and feet. :D
I think I'm giving up newspaper in all spots except the inserts -- it's just too stinky, and I like the ease of spot cleaning sans paper. Thanks for the feedback!
Only woods that give off phenols(sp?) are bad for their health. Woods like aspen and whatever is in hartz white softwood doesn't have any of these bad oils. Kiln dried pine has almost all the oils removed and wood pellets are probably around at least 99%. Few people have seen side effects from kiln dried pine. Cedar has too much too be removed and is the reason why they make cedar chests. The smell lasts forever and keeps things inside smelling good.
stitsy&codyPig said:
I don't line mine because of the ink. My piggy chews it and I think the ink is bad for him to eat.

Actually newspaper ink and all is soy based so it is okay to eat.
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