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Newest addition to the family!


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Jan 31, 2012
Well I just got my Sophie pig about three weeks ago,and today I bought her a cage mate. Her name is checkers!! And they get along fine. I love piggies now I can't say they will probably be in my life forever :)
we need pictures!
Right- Sophie <3
Left- checkers <3
Love them


Oh and don't worry this is just play time so they made a mess their cage is not dirty like this. Lol
Holy buckets, they're like twins! :D Just a note, they shouldn't have that kind of food with the colored bits and seeds. They only need plain pellets, the best are Oxbow and Kleenmama's from what I've heard. Also, they don't need that much either. 1/8 cup daily for each pig. (Sorry if that's the amount you're giving, it just looks like more than that in the picture. :) ) But, yeah, they are adorable and I love the name Checkers! :)
Twins!! Love the names.
To add to what Fizzle mentioned about the food, just to clarify, the reason its recommended to NOT give piggies food with all those bits isn't because they don't need them and its cheaper to give only pellets (which isn't the case) but because the bits aren't healthy for the piggies. They're more or less junk food which can lead to picky piggies not eating the pellets which contain the required nutrients leading to malnutrition (put candy and veggie's on a kid's plate, which are they going to eat?). They're also not intended to eat seeds and the shells can get stuck in their throat.

Additionally, brands with the bits (probably Kaytee or something similar) are not always very high quality even in the pellet department (cheap by products and filler and and some brands use preservatives which are banned in human food but can still be used in animal food despite being possible carcinogens- I've seen some brands using chemicals otherwise used as pesticides as preservatives in their pellets). Oxbow pellets are safe, use quality ingredients and are balanced for nutrition.
Ok thank you! Where do you guys buy the pellets? I'm in California
Ok I'll check it out! Thank you all very much.
they do look like little twins! they're adorable :)
They are adorable! You can buy Oxbow at your local Petsmart (Petco does not have it) or you can buy it online at Small Pet guinea pig food: Oxbow Essentials Food

If your guinea pigs are under 6 months old them get the Oxbow Cavy Performance, and if they are 6 months or older you will want to get them the Oxbow Cavy Cuisine.

The all-time best pellets you can buy are online at Kleenmama's like someone above mentioned. Here is the link to their pellets: (broken link removed)

Like I said before, if your guinea pigs are under 6 months old then you will want to get them the Alfalfa Pellets. If you guinea pigs are 6 months or older then you will want to get them the Timothy Pellets!

Hope I could help! :)
I miss living in California so much! I used to live in Palm Springs :love: but my parents decided we should move to Ohio... ew. Anyways! Your pigs are freaking adorable!!! You can find all sorts of info about their diet and such in the forums, and as other have said get Oxbow pellets, yeah.

It might be hard to get them to eat good food at first, it's like vegetables for kids haha. When I got my pigs I bought that gerty food with basically only bits and pieces, terrible. Well it took my pigs about a week to give in and eat their healthy pellets. Be persistent!
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