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Sounds Newest addition has retrained everyone on how to beg for food


Valued Contributor
Cavy Slave
Feb 12, 2021
My sweet Maple Leaf came from the animal shelter pre-trained on how to cry for food and what sounds to cry at. He was a month or two old back then. It's been 2 months and now everyone is constantly begging for food, crying at sounds that are similar to pellets (dog food hitting a bowl, the sound of the dog food container opening, ANY plastic bag making noise), or crying when I come home and they hear the back door open. When one pig cries, the others start to cry. It's very cute but it's hard when every couple of hours, someone is throwing a fit for no good reason. I thought I'd gotten used to this, but Maple Leaf has changed everything. It's funny how these guys pick up these behaviors, especially the boys who live in a separate cage.
While it might be irritating at times, I'm sure I don't need to say this but its definitely how I feel.

I would give anything to have Sly back dancing at the bars, or to hear Scooter yanking on them for a treat. To listen to Pooper grumble when you scratch his butt. Or to hear Punkin announcing to everyone that he was up from his nap and it was either time to annoy Scooter, or demand a treat.

You just never know how much you're going to miss something until it's gone. I'd give anything to have it back.
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