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Newbie! :)

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Cavy Slave
Mar 3, 2012
Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am a 28 year old mom of 2 boys, Brian & Chris, and 2 guinea pigs, Chuck & Mollie. We've had Chuck for 8 months and Mollie since Tuesday. We had a previous guinea named Lucy, but my youngest son,6, was sitting on the couch with her and she got loose and fell. It broke all of our hearts including Chuck's. My children have learned not to get the guinea pigs out.

Chuck is very laid back and enjoys laying in my lap wrapped in a blanket. He enjoy lettuce, green and red bell pepper, cilantro, grapes and carrots. He will nibble on an apple, but is not a big fan of it. He will not eat cucumber at all.

Mollie loves to run and play. She has a bald spot on top of her head and little fur on one of her ears. We haven't tried many foods with her yet, just lettuce and red bell pepper, which she loves.
welcome to the forum! can we see pigtures?
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie! :)
Here's Chuck!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie! :)
Here's Mollie! She doesn't stay still long enough to get a picture of her from the front.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie! :)
This is Lucy, may she rest in peace. She is buried right outside my back door. We buried her with water, lettuce and food in her bowl. It helped the boys a lot.
Sad:( R.I.P Lucy! Well welcome to the forums! I just joined today too!
AWWWW! :( Rest in Peace Lucy.... Well... Welcome to the forums!
Welcome sorry for your loss the other piggies are adorable
Thank you all for the welcome!
Welcome to the forum, and sorry for your lose of little Lucy, I bet she was sweet...:sad:.
That's sweet how you buried her with all of her things! :)

Hope you'll find all welcome here, (know you will), make yourself at home!! (;
Oh, and I'm in love with you'r pics, their darlings!
Hi there and welcome.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Very cute piggies!
Can I ask a question? I am assuming that Chuck is a boy. Is he nuetered?
Lucy being a girl looks to be very young from your picture. If your two pigs are together she looks really young to get pregnant. If they are together and Lucy is pregnant we will be here to help you. There is alot of great info here and on the website guinealynx.com
Chuck is a boy, Lucy passed away, but Mollie is a girl. I had read somewhere that neutering male guinea pigs was dangerous? I am very interested in finding out more info about neutering though. They are currently in the same cage, but I have been reading and gathering information about the C&C cages. Could I make one big one and then cut it off in the middle with a second story on both ends for food? If Chuck doesn't get neutering, would it be safe for them to have floor time together?
Here is some neutering information Guinea Pig Neutering, How to Neuter your Guinea Pigs which will be very helpful to you. All surgeries are risky, but at my local small animal rescue we have a lot of our males neutered all the time!

You will probably want to separate them now and hope that Mollie isn't pregnant. You could build one C&C cage and separate it into two sides, but there is a big change that Chuck will find some way to get into Mollie's cage and mate with her if they are just divided. I would make two separate cages (you could always connect them if you needed to) until Chuck gets neutered or if he doesn't then he still couldn't get Mollie pregnant. You could keep them close to each other, but not right next to each other.

Mating can happen in a second even if you watch their every little move the entire time. I would not risk it to let them have floor time together until he is neutered.
Thank you for the link. I will contact the local vet Monday about neutering.
How old is Mollie? From the picture she looks young. I was going off of that.
It is much easier for a male to be neutered than to have a female spayed. Find a vet that is an exotic that cares for gp's. Ask him how often they have done neutering. Many members have had their male neutered and all comes out well.

Mollie may be already pregnant. They can get pregnant as young as 3-4 weeks old. you need to get a scale and weigh her daily. Pregnancy can take up to 52 days to 70 days. She will start to thicken in the middle and then get pairshaped. You said you got her Tues. Hopefully she is not pregnant.

Keep us posted. You have come to the right place. There is great info and care on this forum.
We all are here for you for all your piggies needs and adventures.
R.I.P. Lucy.
Love the pics and welcome To the forum.
RIP poor Lucy.

welcome, love the pictures!
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