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Adopting Newbie question about adopting from a rescue?


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Jul 25, 2016
Hi all! I am not actually a piggie owner yet but I have a question about adopting from rescues. I know they're all probably different but on average how long does the process usually take? or rather how long is too long waiting to hear contact back from the rescue? I found a rescue from petfinder that is pretty local to me (wheek care) and haven't heard anything for a couple of days, mind you it is the weekend but we'd really like to get the process started now that we've finally got everything prepped for our new friends! lol thanks for any tips and pointers!
Rescues are run by volunteers, so it can take a while for someone to respond. There's probably one group that returns phone messages, someone else answers website posts, others clean the cages, still others come in and feed every day. If you emailed, then call and leave a message. Email if you called. But do cut them a little slack. Most rescues run on a thin line between surviving and going bankrupt, and they're almost always doing the best they can.

That said, occasionally you'll run across one that just doesn't respond. There's one like that here in the Houston area. If you don't get a response of some sort after a week and a couple of messages from you, I'd look for something else.
im not sure how it works where you live but I live in MN and we literally just went to the humane society and picked him up, the paperwork didnt take long at all! If they have an actual location it wouldnt hurt to just go in! :)
I run my rescue and boarding service by myself. While I am usually quick with replies, sometimes things get very busy. All it takes is one Guinea pig to get sick to throw things really off. Email replies can take a few hours out of my day at times. When things get really crazy, email response time is one of the first things to suffer. Responses can take a few days when things are crazy, And sometimes it's nice to carve out some time for yourself.there has been too little of that lately.

I don't mind though, if I've been slow to respond, if someone sends a gentle reminder after a couple days.
thanks all! I heard from them today and we will be going to look at our babies on saturday!!! we're so excited!
:D Great news, I hope all goes well. Don't forget to post pigtures when you can.
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