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Newbie - Parent/Gramma to Biscuit and Baily


Cavy Slave
Mar 8, 2012
Hi all - so happy to have found you - been enjoying reading some of the posts and looking at the adorable pics of the little piggies! I actually found you guys trying to search for answers to a problem we are having with Miss Biscuit. Biscuit is my 12 yr old sons guinea pig that we got him for Christmas - Bailey is mine, bought her after I fell in love with Biscuit and kept calling her Bailey by mistake - then realized Biscuit really needed a friend so win win - biscuit got her friend and I got my Bailey! Anyway - Biscuit has always been the crazy one - popcorns all over the place, always making noise, very active. She always played around when we tried to pick her up but lately she is making it almost impossible! She runs and runs and squeaks and she's started to scratch and bite - she never ever bit before - she would lick and nibble on your fingers when you held her but never did she bite when you tried to pick her up. I'm also noticing that when you hold her if you touch her bottom she freaks out she squeaks really loud, kick and bounces up and down. I'm afraid there is something wrong...:sad:
Have you checked to make sure both of them are girls? Has she seemed like she has gained any weight. She may have gotten pregnant if your Bailey is actually a boy. If you got Biscuit during Christmas she definitely would have had babies by now if it was from one of her store mates. Just a thought. I would recheck and make sure Bailey is truly a girl. Welcome by the way!!! Would love to see a picture of them :D
I've been afraid she might be pregnant - we got Bailey in January but we got her from the same store as Biscuit - PetSmart and it was a store that is only a girl store - I'll have to check Bailey and make sure she's a she - she has a totally different personality than Biscuit - Bailey is calm and laid back and has always been.
I'll have to post some pics
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie - Parent/Gramma to Biscuit and Baily[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie - Parent/Gramma to Biscuit and Baily[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie - Parent/Gramma to Biscuit and Baily
Biscuit is the one with the white, brown and black and Bailey is all Black and white with a little bit of brown near her eye and on her bottom.
There could have been a mix-up before the piggie even made it to Petsmart. You never know. I love the calm laid back ones. I have two girls...one wild, and one very calm. The wild one loves when she gets fed, but other than that she doesn't want anything to do with me lol.
aawwww they are so adorable!! Biscuit does look a little wide in the back. Of course that doesn't mean anything. Could mean she is a very good eater haha
Yeah, well, that Petsmart store that only sells girls may well not have anybody in the store who can tell the difference between a male and a female. We've had a rash of males having babies since Christmas because the places that sold them couldn't tell the difference. If you have any questions about yours, see Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig for how to differentiate.

If you got them in January, she may be close to delivery if she's pregnant. Read (broken link removed) and www.guinealynx.info/labor.html. If she is pregnant, you'll need to baby proof the cage so the little ones won't get loose when they're really small, or get their head stuck when they're a little older.
Your Biscuit sounds like my Abbey and Bailey is more like my Zoe. Abbey is almost a year and has really calmed down. She will actually sit on my lap and lay down when I brush her. When she was really little she tried to bite her way off my lap where Zoe would just sit there very quiet. They are sisters but their personalities are so different.
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