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Newbie here


Cavy Slave
Mar 5, 2012
Hi everyone, I'm excited to be here largely because I want to know how I can give the best quality of life to my little girl Mira whom I've recently discovered as being referred to as a lethal. After Marmite died, I wanted Lilo to have a companion and hence an 8 week old Mira came on the scene from a so called 'breeder'. I noticed after a day or so that she had a long tusk of a tooth emerging from her mouth, which I assumed was a maloclussion (as I'd had a rabbit who had one). I was quite annoyed with the 'breeder' who gave her to me, not so much because I knew it could be costly having a pet with tooth problems i.e. my dear rabbit, but the fact that within a week, the tooth would have pierced her upper lip. Anyway, I took her to the vet who discovered that she only had the one incisor. He quickly referred me to an exotic vet. The exotic vet took xrays of Mira's jaw and confirmed that there were no other incisors and just the one. We talked about trimming it every 6-8 weeks and possibly surgery to permanently remove it. Since then, Mira's food has been julienned, making it easy for her to eat. I noticed after moving Mira from one cage to a larger one that she kept on bumping into the sides when startled. I thought this was a tad bit strange, so I asked the vet about it the next time I took her for a tooth trim. He did a series of tests and concluded that she was blind. I felt extremely bad for my piggy at that point and so I decided to find out more about why she had missing incisors and blind. Apart from the missing incisors and blindness, I have not noticed any other problems. I'm saddened that because of this, her life may be shortened and I'm prepared to do everything in my power to make sure that her quality of life is the best. She has recently lost her companion Lilo and she is now on her own. I have her in an indoor cage now and give her lots of attention and cuddles. I want to know what else I can do for her with regards to stimulation and companionship. What have people experienced with their piggies? what's worked and what hasn't? I want to be one step ahead of this horrible condition. Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)
Hi welcome to the forum! I think what youre doing is good. Continue to take her to the vet and give her lots of love.... <3 sorry for your loss of Lilo. :(
Thank you for caring for Mira -- taking care of a lethal piggy is lots of work.

Is she also deaf? Lethals often are. One clue is how deeply she sleeps. Most guinea pigs are in a pretty constant state of alertness, so it doesn't take much to startle them. Deaf pigs sleep, well, like the dead.

Sometimes lethals have digestive issues as well, but that's not as characteristic of them as the eye and teeth problems.

It helps to keep things in the same place in the cage. She'll learn her way around, and the bumping into things will lessen. Other than that, and lots of human interaction and regular attention to her teeth, there's not much to be done. You can learn to do the tooth trimming yourself, as MildredM does for Fairy.

Fairy's blog, (broken link removed), is full of wonderful tales about her life. MildredM does an amazing job with her, and they're inspirations to all lethal owners who know about them. They also have a chronicle over at Guinea Lynx (www.guinealynx.info) in the Cavy Chronicles forum, "Everybody Needs a Little Fairy."

Good luck to you with little Mira -- we'd love to see a picture.
Thank you both for your encouraging posts. I've been racking my brains on how I can improve this little ones life, but now I know there lots of other loving human mums/dads out there caring and giving their GP's a wonderful and fulfilling life (hats off to you guys). I'll keep you posted on how Mira goes :)
Hi and welcome to the forums. What an amazing human Mommy you are! I am so grateful that human beings care this much. Coming to these forums and reading stories like yours makes me believe in humanity again. I will keep looking for you to post and hope for the best!
I'm torn at the moment between getting her a companion. Will she be ok without a friend? If I do get her a new friend, should she be younger than Mira just so dominance isn't an issue. I'm not too sure how it works. Thoughts anyone?
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