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Newbie here with a handling question


Cavy Slave
Dec 30, 2011
I am a new owner of a baby GP named Gus Gus.
He is a sweet baby boy that will not bite, run away, or jump out of my arms.
He purrs and vibrates when I pet him which I read means that he is very happy at the moment.
Im wondering how often should I be handling him because I let him chill with me about 5 times a day for 20 minutes intervals because then he needs to use the potty.
Am I handling him too much?
I don't think it is too much, but do give him floortime to run around once a day. At some point you probably won't have the time to handle him quite that much and that is OK too.
You can never handle your guinea pig too much! but it is great that you take him out several times a day! He will also need floor time (play time out of his cage) expecially since his cage is small. Without a friend (another guinea pig) he will get lonely so handling him lots is a great thing!

Congratulations on your new piggy! Welcome to the world of being a cavy slave :)
I give him an hour of floor play a day. I just have to stay on top of him the entire time because we dont currently have a play pen yet. But Ill be getting one very soon. Most of the time he just wants to crawl back in my arms. He also sleeps on me daily.
Thanks for the response guys!!
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