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Newbie all the way - questions!


Cavy Slave
Dec 1, 2011
I will soon be getting two 6 week (ish) old guineas. I'm planning on making a C&C (which I have already started) , but may possibly have to use a temporary pet store cage in the interim.

I already have the grids, with enough to make a 2x4 with two grids left over. I have the sneaking suspicion that for baby proofing, I will need to get another box of grids to make up the difference in spacing.
(The grids are the 9-squares with 1.5 inch square width)

The only coroplast I could find was in a 24x36, which is vaguely unfortunate.

Anyways, I'm just curious in which is better/easier for babies? Overlapping or higher coro?

(Another question is how small is too small for baby guineas? Is it possible to keep it at 2x3 until they're older, or is bigger better from the get go?)
You can baby proof with cardboard -- just zip tie it in about 8-10 inches high. That'll save buying coroplast you don't need.

Babies can certainly get by with a smaller cage, but I think it's easier to go ahead and make it larger from the beginning. That way, you won't have to look over at the cage one day and realize you should have enlarged it months ago.
I would advise the overlapping grids! I found out the hard way that my baby piggies could get out with 12" high corplast sides so I had to overlap the grids! I had five babies racing around my apartment! Very dangerous! Bigger is always going to be better. Just because they're smaller doesn't mean that they need a smaller cage!
Always go as LARGE as you can go without breaking the bank or making yourself cramped. I have found that all of my baby piggies have been EXTREMELY active and love racing around in a LARGE cage. My larger, older females don't move around to much so I would say since they are going to be 6 weeks old a larger space is important.
Btw, Looking forward to pictures of the piggies! :D
Thanks for the quick responses!
I believe I'll be getting another set of grids for the overlap, with a regular coroplast base. As CLV71 said in the Cavy Talk room, I could always disassemble the overlays when they're older, and use them for extra room.

I believe I'm going to go with a 2x3 at first, and though it will be trying at a later time, I will reassemble at 2x4. I have the space, but it'll take some rearranging.
(It won't take long. They'll have some OOC time while mom works on a home improvement project xD)

And I can't wait to post pictures. These piggies are so adorable.
Happy to hear about the piggies!
Welcome to the forum btw, you'll love it here! Always someone to answer those small or important questions that you may have. :) They've helped me out ALOT and I've had pigs for several years.
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