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Newbie alert!


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Mar 18, 2012
My name is Jess, i live in Cornwall with my husband and 3 sons (all aged under 4!!)

We have 6 guinea pigs at the moment, 4 from rescues and adoption centres (usually people that have decided after purchasing a baby pig, they don't want them after the initial excitement had worn off) and 2 from a friends unexpected litter.

3 are girls and all sisters; Toffack, Rocky and Penny

Then there is Troy (my neutered male in with his hareem!)

Oscar and Frederick seperately (from the unexpected litter)

They are my addiction! I love them all so much, i thoroughly enjoy looking after them all. I call them my furry babies. My son is autistic and really enjoys watching them all popcorn around! He has an obsession like his mummy :)

After lurking in the forums for a while i decided to join to become part of the guinea pig addicts, as most of my extended family do not understand why i would want to take up half my living room with their massive enclosure and half my bedroom with the boys living quarters!! I am sure all of you will understand why i have chosen to keep them in as large an enclosure as we can fit in, my girls and Troy currently have 40sqft to roam and the boys have 20sqft. Of course they also get run around time outside when it is warm and dry, and inside when it is cold and wet (which seems like 90% of the year here!) because i think it is important to keep them stimulated.

Anyway, sorry for my long post, trying to get as much info as possible in!!
Welcome. I have three real boys too, and we just recently got into GP's also. However, my story isn't as nice as yours. LOL! We got our guys from the pet store knowing absolutely nothing. Thank goodness I stumbled on this site to get the right things finally.
Well i am by no means a saint!! ;) I prefer adoption, but if people want animals as pets, then pet stores are inevitable. Either way - most rescue pigs are originally store animals. I know wherever my GP is from, the future is what matters and if i can provide a loving, comfortable home then that is all I worry about! And if people think pet stores HERE are bad (which, granted, 99% are) They should see how they sell pets in Cairo where i was born! Dogs in fishtanks, guinea pigs as food, cats in bird cages... It is putting things in perspective. In an ideal world, pet stores wouldn't exist because the animals would be wild. Although i don't like or agree with pet stores selling animals to anyone that walks through the door, i am a realist and do not loathe people that are just trying to do a good thing!! I have found this site can be absolutely foul to people and make them feel like the worst human that walked the Earth for buying from a petshop. But I don't like thinking rescue pets are somehow 'more deserving' of a loving home than a petstore animal. Sure, like i said, ideal world this wouldn't be an issue! Anyway, i tend to go on a bit.. but i am just trying to make you feel better and not worry about where they are from! :)
WOW, 40 sq. ft? That's a monster of a cage! I would love to see pigtures of your furbabies and your guinea castles! :)
Welcome to the forum!
Amazing!! Your pigs are in little piggy heven!! I can't beleive you have a 40 sq ft cage!! That is huge!!!

We all would love to see some pics of the cages and piggies that live in them!!
WOW, 40 sq. ft? That's a monster of a cage! I would love to see pigtures of your furbabies and your guinea castles! :)
Welcome to the forum!
I agree sounds like a cavie slave for sure.
Ha! Sorry to mislead you - i have checked the cage space 'rules' and as an upper story doesn't count (??) it is in fact.. 35sqft. It is pretty simple really, it is a large 5x2 double hutch with an attached 5x5ft run inside my house. It has never been outside. I would have loved a c+c but they are not practical for our situtation, and the grids here are £60 for a box of 12 online (you can't buy them in stores) So, i did what was best for our piggies and focused on sqft and the biggest thing i could buy was a hutch. But i wouldn't EVER put them outside purely because they are my angel faces and i need them near me at all times! Not to mention the weather here.. i wouldn't dream of sending my babies out there (even though everyone i know thinks i am insane for having a hutch in my house!) It is underneath a window in our large lounge room to get plenty of light. I couldn't imagine having them in something smaller. Now they have been in this for a while, it seems small when looking at it! So yes, to clarify - a 5x2ft double hutch with private sleeping areas and food area (i call it the breakfast bar) which also has a selection of housing areas. The run (attached through the main door downstairs) is 5x5ft and they love it, they popcorn around it all day. They also get floor time every day, in either our hall or i make piggie play pens in the lounge. I know you were all expecting an amazing c+c so i am sorry to dissappoint! But this is what suits me and my piggies, so we are very happy. (Until i track down another 5x5 run to attach to this...) haha :) I will post a picture soon!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie alert![GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie alert![GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie alert!

This is the house my girls live in, you can just see Toffack's butt upstairs! An additional 5x5 run is also incoming, although i will have to re-arrange the room to fit it in!! The GPs are Oscar (the fluffy cream one) and Frederick, who are the babies we got from my friends unexpected litter. Both are doing very well, these were when i first got them home (hence the box they are in) and fret not - Oscar has had a brush since then!!
Hello and welcome to the forum and the world of guinea pigs!!
Your cage looks amazing. It appears your furry babies have come to heaven to live. What an awesome piggy mommy you are.
Your boys are just adorable! So looking forward to sharing all things piggies and more pictures.
Your cage looks amazing and your piggies are adorable!
Thank you! I will try and get some more pictures of the girlies. They are currently exploring their new tent and tunnel, soooo cute!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie alert![GuineaPigCages.com] Newbie alert!

This is Penny (one of my ladies) and this is a view from inside the 2 baby boys current home. It is 3 ferplast 120's all connected together (as i couldn't find anything else big enough!) There is another 120 behind me in this picture, they are all connected with cable ties and log bridges. but I can't fit them all in a picture! I would ideally like some extra width as at the moment it is just very, very long (about 11.5 ft!) So am working on that.
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