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Newb here. Read for the sake of my piggies.


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Cavy Slave
Jan 18, 2012
Hey I'm Anirbas. I have two Guinea Pigs, one is a 4 month old Assynian named Lizzie, and my other is a 5 week old Teddy named Nibbler. I love them very very much and all I want is the best for them. When my boyfriend and I got Lizzie we didn't know much about Guinea Pigs. Although I am learning more now, this site seems great because it's full of experienced Cavy owners and it offers quick accessible information.
So yeah, I just wanted to introduce myself. I do have a few questions, though they are not urgent at the moment.

Queen.anirbaS ❤️
Hello and welcome! We would love to see pictures of your pigs!
I am semi new too but this site really helps and the people are really nice. In the evenings there are people on the cavy talk which will help too. Glad you found this website
Coming A.S.A.P
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