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New to the site


Cavy Slave
Dec 28, 2011
Hello everyone, I am new to this site but not to piggies. I have 3 one male named Roady 2 females named miss thelma and Dasiy. I owned two other males and a female but unfortunaly they have passed away. All my pigs are resuced from our local animal shelter and are loved and spoiled dearly. We do use the C& C cages and love them. I do use piggy bankets that I made myself.When we adopted our last 2 pigs we were told they were 2 females which was great because we wanted to house all 3 piggies together, but they were wrong it was a boy and a girl (yes theywere seperated as soon as they were brought home and dicovered they wern't both girls ),but I do believe the damage has already been done. We are expecting babies not sure when Need to revamp cages
Sorry to hear about your dilemma, but very happy to hear you adopted rescue piggies.

Welcome to the forum! If you have any pigtures of your guineas we'd love to meet them.
Thank You I will be postin pigtures soon
Hello. I'm new to this site too. I have 2 wonderful piggies :) Bugsy and Princess :]
I am enjoying this site it does offer a lot of info and ideas
Well Daisy just had three little piggies. They all seem to be ok. Time to strat expanding the cages
two are up and running around one is not it is breathing and moving its head alittle is there anything i can do
Make sure the placental membrane has been cleaned away from it's nostrils very well and that it's nice and warm. You might put it with the mother in a place by itself for a few minutes and see if it can nurse and if she'll let it nurse. If it does that, it might have a chance to survive.

You need to babyproof your cage ASAP, or you'll have baby pigs running all over your house. You can use extra coroplast if you have it, or pieces of cardboard, or overlapped grids if you have some extra. Cover all the holes up to about 8-10 inches and zip tie it in place. You can take it down when their heads are too large to get stuck in the holes.
babyproofing was done before babies arrived the baby appears to be very clean mom is with the baby by herself but i dont think the baby has nursed yet. She keeps nudging it and snuggling withit I hope it survives fingers crossed
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