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New to the Site!


Cavy Slave
Nov 20, 2011
Hi Everyone!

Well, I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks now, checking out everyone's cages and learning about guinea pigs. A few days ago, I got up my courage to create a user account and here I am today actually posting!

I've actually just put together my first C&C Cage and am looking into adopting a needy little pig! My husband actually suggested I look into the care of a guinea pig before we actually adopted one. I came across this website, and am I ever glad that I did! I had no idea about the store bought cages or that some of the bedding was poisonous to them. I also would have never thought in a million years about putting fleece down in the cages! You people are simply so creative and amazing.

I look forward to becoming better acquainted with you all! :)
Hello and Welcome to this amazing site! I have learned a lot from it also. Glad you did the research before getting you piggy. Can't wait to see pictures of your cage and you piggy (when you get he/she). Good luck.:)
Welcome to the forum. There are several guinea pig rescues up and down the east coast, and I'm sure you can find a pig there. Look over at Guinea Lynx at the Rescues menu and you can find the ones near you.
Welcome! I too am very happy that you are doing your research before adopting! It makes things so much easier! Looking forward to seeing pics of your pig(s) when you adopt! :)
Welcome to the forum. I am quite sure there are many rescues in your area..... but if not, do consider a trip to Vermont where the Turtle Hill Sanctuary is full to capacity. Babies, adults, long and short haired, neutered males - lots of pigs of all kinds !
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