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New to the site :D


Cavy Slave
Apr 15, 2012
Hey guys :)
I'm new to the site and just wanted to say hi! I am 19 and own four piggies and one rabbit! They are my babies :)

I found some links on here on how to make cozies/cuddle cups and tried my hand at them and was also wondering if anyone knows of a site with anymore patterns to make other Piggy stuff (tunnels, tents, etc).

Here's a picture of my beautiful Barbie modelling my homemade cozy and cuddle cup ;)
[GuineaPigCages.com] New to the site :D[GuineaPigCages.com] New to the site :D
Hi and welcome. I don't know of any sites, but you have some cute piggies there!
Love the Hello Kitty pattern!

Beautiful pigger you have! Welcome!
I've looked everywhere for something different to make them, but no luck. Ah well, just have to stick to the cuddle cups ;D
Can't help with patterns but had to admire your lovely piggies.
I cheat and look on etsy, then get ideas and try them on my own. All you need is a measuring tape to size your pigs, and some paper to draw a pattern.
Etsy is where I saw the tents to begin I'm just hopeless at patterns, the sewing I can do but the patterns are a no go haha.
I'd be interested in seeing your patterns posted.
It'd be awesome if you could post the pattern for the cube! :)
I cant sew worth beans. But you do have the cutest piggie! Did a great job on the cozy.
And best of all... Welcome to the forum! Tell us all about your other piggies and rabbit.
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